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Full-Time MBA Academics — Frequently Asked Questions

Would you recommend that I take any course work before entering your MBA program?

If you do not have an extensive quantitative background from your undergraduate degree, it may be helpful to take an introductory statistics or business calculus course to prepare for the program. Some incoming students who have never studied accounting find it useful to take an introductory undergraduate accounting course before entering the program. However, we do not require and specific coursework to be completed. We encourage international students whose native language is not English to practice their written and spoken English as much as possible before entering the program.

How much time do I need to allow outside of the classroom for homework?

The general rule is that you will spend two times the amount of class time on assigned readings and team projects outside of the classroom. This means approximately 5-6 hours per class per week.

What teaching method is used?

The Carlson School uses a variety of teaching methods, including case studies (more than 50%), lectures, discussions, group projects, and programs placing students in the business community.

Can core courses be waived?

Core courses cannot be waived in the Full-Time MBA program without special permission from a faculty member, and only after a student has been admitted to the program. If a student has a substantial background in accounting and statistics, these courses can be substituted with electives.

Is the program highly quantitative?

Students must be able to handle quantitative material. Several core courses are very quantitative in nature. On a national level, the Carlson School is in the middle of the scale when it comes to quantitative versus non-quantitative programs.

Are there opportunities for international study?

The required Global Discovery Program, unique among public business schools, gives you and your peers in the Full-Time MBA program the opportunity to enrich your education and explore topics that have a profound impact on business around the world.


The course takes place during fall semester of your second year, and continues with a two-week international component in January. Each section of the class travels to a different location around the globe, reconvening at the Carlson School upon completion of the course to engage in a comparative analysis of different regions. If you wish to pursue additional international education opportunities beyond Global Discovery, you can apply for one of the Carlson School’s Global Enrichment programs. For details, please visit the Education Abroad page.

Are students permitted to take additional credits beyond the required 64-credit program?

Students in the Full-Time MBA program follow a structured 64-credit load (19 credits-fall first year, 18 credits-spring first year, 13 credits-fall second year and 14 credits-spring second credit semesters). Students interested in taking courses beyond the 64-credit requirement must submit a petition to request additional credits each semester. The petition is reviewed by the MBA program Associate Dean. Criteria considered include the program GPA, consultation with the Enterprise directors and Career Center Director and the thoughtfulness of the student's academic plan as indicated in the petition. If students are approved to take additional credits, the full cost of the additional credits is the responsibility of the student. Students pay the current per-credit tuition rate for additional and approved credits beyond the 64-credit program.

Are students permitted to take courses from other programs at the University?

Yes. If the courses enhance your academic career goals, you are permitted to take up to 8 graduate-level credits from other departments within the University of Minnesota.

When does the program start?

Required orientation typically takes place in mid-August with classes officially starting the day after Labor Day in September.

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