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Global Discovery Program Experience - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is international experience part of the Carlson School curriculum?
A global perspective is critical for successful business leaders and international education is part of our culture. Our programs are designed to motivate you to become more globally competent and to move you along your own individual path toward that goal.
What is the Global Discovery program and what are its learning objectives?

The Global Discovery program is a required course for all full-time MBA students. It includes on-campus classes and an on-site component in one of three locations during the winter of a student's second year. It is designed to give students a deeper understanding about how multi-national enterprises, trade agencies, and small and medium-size enterprises work successfully in emerging-market economies.

What other international experiences can I find at Carlson?

The Carlson School offers a number of Global Enrichment programs: education abroad opportunities of 2 to 6 weeks offered during January, May and Summer. Courses are taught in English and provide up to 8 credits toward the MBA degree. There are multiple program types available. Some focus on specific topics, some include a consulting project as a component of the international experience, and some are hosted directly at partner business schools around the world.

Global Enrichment programs are not a substitute for Global Discovery. You can pursue them as additional experiences to complement and enhance your MBA degree.

When should I study abroad during my program?
You will participate in Global Discovery during the late Fall and January of your second year in the MBA program. If you participate in a Global Enrichment program as well, you can do that at any time during your tenure in the Carlson MBA Program.
How and when do I apply to education abroad programs at Carlson?
As a full-time MBA student, you will be automatically registered in Global Discovery your second year. Global Enrichment program applications are due 7 months before the program begins. Applicants submit essays, a resume, and transcript online to be considered for programs.
How much does education abroad at Carlson cost?
For Global Discovery, the estimated fee of $6,445 will be assessed in your second year in the MBA program. Global Enrichment program fees have typically ranged between $4,300 and $8,600 depending upon program length, model, and destination. Financial aid and scholarships can be used for education abroad.
How does financial aid work?
Financial aid can be used for education abroad, including the Global Discovery program. As a first step, be sure to submit an application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) through the Office of Student Finance. For more information on financial aid and funding your experience, please visit Costs and Billing.
Are there scholarships available?
The MBA program will administer scholarships for Global Discovery. Students apply for scholarships during their first year.

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