Scheduling Priority and Permissable Uses

Priority is given first to Carlson School, then University of Minnesota educational activities. After academic needs are met, spaces may be used for events and programs sponsored by University colleges, departments, or registered student groups affiliated with the Carlson School. The third priority is usage by non-University entities whose activities are consistent or complement the mission of the University.

Carlson-controlled, departmental spaces listed on this site are not scheduled weekends or evenings unless the event is sponsored by a Carlson School department, or affiliated student organization with staff supervision, or special approval by the Dean's Office. See General Building Information with regard to the building access levels for various groups (public, university, restricted).

Carlson School and Hanson Hall spaces cannot be used for events or activities that are primarily commercial, political, involve gambling, or are religious in nature. Fundraising or selling of products that benefit organizations outside the University and its recognized foundations is not allowed. The School reserves the right to review proposed activities and refuse rental for non-permissible uses.

Authorized Users are responsible for event supervision during the facility rental/usage period and assume financial liability for any additional custodial services, equipment, damages to rooms and any damage or loss of equipment. Large-scale events may require additional security (U Police or Security Monitor for example) to be contracted for the duration of the event.

Noise Level

Amplified music/sound equipment is not allowed in the atrium or classrooms without prior approval from the Dean's Office. Most spaces are surrounded by areas dedicated to studying or working (breakout rooms, labs and offices) and music/amplified sound is distracting to many students, faculty and staff who expect a quiet area to study and work.

Room Security and Damages

Rooms and spaces are inspected prior to and after each event. Users are responsible for following room security guidelines for their space, removal of additional equipment or food services and any damage that occurs during usage.

Outside standard building hours, rooms are locked unless they have been reserved through the Office of Classroom Management or Carlson School Building Services. The Security Monitor is authorized to ask that rooms be vacated if User cannot provide documentation of reservation confirmation.

Equipment, Technology and Furniture

Any additional furniture or equipment must be provided by the User and promptly removed at the conclusion of the rental period. Under no circumstances is furniture to be removed from adjacent areas. Seating/chairs may not be added to exceed stated classroom capacity. Tables or equipment cannot be placed close to entrances blocking access. All fire lanes must remain clear.

Users are responsible for resetting classrooms for the next class (desks/chairs in rows facing the front of the room). If groups neglect to reset the room, or remove any equipment or supplies brought in for their event (this includes disposal of catering refuse), additional service fees may be charged.

CSOM Executive Center Classrooms 2-206, 2-207 and 2-260T are equipped with MediaSite live stream and archival recording. Rooms are equipped with motion tracking camera systems for instructor and students. At the student tables, push-to-talk microphones tie into student view cameras located at the front of the room. There is one lapel microphone for the instructor. Additional fees apply.

CSOM Executive Center Classrooms 2-260R and 2-260Z are equipped with MediaSite live stream and archival recording. Rooms are equipped with motion tracking camera system for instructor only, but do not have video or audio capture for the students. There is one lapel microphone for the instructor. Additional fees apply.

CSOM Videoconference Classroom 1-114 is equipped with IP videoconference capability and MediaSite live stream and archival recording available (instructor video and audio; student audio via ceiling microphones).  An operator is required for the videoconference function of this space M-F, 8A to 4:30P, and should be secured after reservation confirmation, but no later than 2 weeks in advance of event date.

Users are responsible for providing any audiovisual equipment not included in the space. Contacts include Carlson AV Services at 612-626-7756, HHI Events at 612-626-3501, and University Classroom Technical Services at 612-626-1411.

Receiving Dock

Users are responsible for receiving equipment and directing set-up within the reservation time. Please contact the North-West District Zone Administrator (for West Bank) at Facilities Management at 624-2900 to confirm access through the loading dock door if outside standard building hours, or contact the Building Manager at 624-3842 with specific questions or to check out a parking permit for short-term use. The loading dock is located at the east end of the building (off Fourth Street). The Carlson School does not have accept deliveries or store program materials on site unless approved by a Building Services Manager.


Food may be set up in Carlson-controlled, departmental spaces. If a space is reserved for "staging", users are responsible for providing appropriate floor coverings to protect the carpet. Users will be charged extra if additional custodial services are required to clean the carpet due to lack of proper protection. No food can be brought from off campus for "open distribution" without a Food Permit approved by Environmental Health and Safety (626-3904). Allow two weeks for approval process. Users are responsible for assuring that:

  • A table is provided for any catering items; they are not set up on the desks or computer console.
  • Catering refuse is disposed of in proper trash/recycling containers. Standard quad containers in the rooms are not sufficient for events' refuse.
  • Catering equipment/supplies are to be promptly removed from the room, and spills wiped from all surfaces, by the end of the event.
  • Carpet spills are to be reported immediately to a FM custodian (624-2900) or Carlson Building Services manager (624-3842 or 626-9378).

Required Permits or Contracts

Alcohol Permit: If you have plans to serve alcohol at your event, you must submit an Application to Service Alcoholic Beverages at an On-Campus Event (Form UM 23) to the Office of Risk Management (call 624-5884; fax 625-7384). The form is available at the University Forms Library (type in "alcohol"). Be sure to read the instructions to determine if additional insurance is required.

Facility Use Agreement and Certificate of Insurance: External entities or Registered Student Organizations (RSOs that are not Campus Life) conducting events on campus require a Facility Use Agreement completed by the venue prior to the event.

Insurance: Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and External Entities may be required to provide Certificate of Insurance or purchase additional liability coverage (no less than $1,000,000 combined single limit for bodily and personal injury and property damage) for activities or events to which the general public is invited. If a User does not have its own coverage, the University's TULIP program is one option for obtaining this coverage.

TULIP coverage is an on-line process that requires a credit card for payment. Contact your event venue for the pass code. TULIP Insurance Coverage Information is available at http://urmia.bene-marc.com

Posting and Banner Policies

Posting Policies

Posting information is allowed on the public bulletin boards located on the lower, first, and second levels. Students are encouraged to post in the student lounges. Materials may not be posted with paste, glue, adhesive backing, or similar means; however, the use of staples and tape is permissible. Facilities Management will remove all materials from these bulletin boards during semester breaks.

A Building and Event Services Manager can give assistance on posting information in the public areas for special events. Materials posted not related to Carlson School functions or not scheduled in classrooms will be removed without warning. Violators may be billed for the costs of clean up or repairs resulting from inappropriate posting or use of adhesives; violators may lose future distribution privileges.

Posters, flyers and signs are not allowed, (unless approved by a Carlson School Building Services manager) in or on:

  • Atrium area and pillars
  • Bathroom doors and stalls
  • Classroom and breakout room areas
  • Elevators
  • Main entrance windows
  • Public area doors and walls
  • Stairways

Banner Policies

  • Banners may be hung on the railings above the first floor or lower level atrium, dependent on available space, in either Hanson Hall or Carlson building (not both buildings). Banners are not allowed to be placed elsewhere within the buildings.
  • Banners must be related to activities or events being held in, or by, the Carlson School.
  • Banners may be hung one week prior to the event and must be taken down the last day of the event.
  • Banners must be produced by a commercial banner manufacturer, no larger than 4' high x 8' long, and made of fire-retardent materials, in compliance with fire code regulations (See Environmental Health and Safety with questions).
  • Banners must not touch the atrium light fixtures.
  • Banner must be approved prior to hanging by submitting the Banner Request Form.
  • Carlson School branded banners must utilize the Carlson School logo and brand guidelines.

Event Monitor/Information Kiosk Policies

The Carlson School information kiosks are located on the first floor atrium and skyway level of the Carlson building, as well as the second floor, skyway level of Hanson Hall. The kiosks display upcoming events, a directory to search for faculty and staff, plus a building map for room locations

Event Monitor posting policies

  • Monitors will display events scheduled within the Carlson School of Management or Hanson Hall buildings.
  • Events listed on the U of M Events Calendar with the Carlson School as sponsor automatically populate to the monitors (please include specific room location information)
  • If you do not have access to the U of M Events Calendar, requests may be submitted using the Event Monitor Request Form.
  • These requests must be done 7-14 days in advance of the event's scheduled date.

To post your even to the Event Monitor, please complete the Event Monitor Request Form.

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