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CBE Class of 2012The Carlson Brand Enterprise is not simply another classroom; it's a place of business. This is where you will apply the knowledge you're accumulating in the classroom. It's where you will get the kind of hands-on experience you'd normally need a job to acquire-the kind that really matters. And it's where you will receive first-hand experience with all of the strategic and analytical components of brand and marketing strategy consulting.

  • Learn core methodologies and frameworks used by professionals to analyze complex challenges
  • Access the latest theories and best practices for marketing and brand development
  • Use yours skills to help real customers get the results they need
  • Work with a professional director who manages the Brand Enterprise
  • Interact with a wealth of other professionals
  • Be part of an exceptional team that will fully analyze and understand marketing strategy and how brand assets can be identified, leveraged, and managed to create the most value for an organization

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