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What are the Projects Like?

Beginning (weeks 1-4)

  • Met with my project team to discuss the project scope and team expectations.
  • Conduct kick-off meeting with client and clarify project objectives and communication schedules.
  • Create an issue tree, problem statement & work plan to outline the project.
  • Develop initial hypotheses.

Middle (weeks 5-10)

  • Execute on the work plan
  • Meet weekly with client contact in person or via conference call
  • Provide client weekly status reports.
  • Conduct primary research which may consist of in-depth interviews with stakeholders, focus groups or other forms of data collection.
  • Conduct external research which may include benchmarking, industry analysis or secondary research
  • Present mid-point presentation to client & stakeholder to outline preliminary research findings and map the objectives for the second half of the project.
  • Refine hypotheses as necessary.

End (weeks 11-13)

  • Conduct insightful analysis based on research findings.
  • Outline 2-3 alternative scenarios for client action.
  • Finalize presentation and findings.
  • Present final product to client.

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