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What types of Global Enrichment programs are available?

There are two types of Global Enrichment programs: topic-based seminars and Global Business Practicum courses.

Topic-based seminars focus on a particular global business topic. Students are exposed to this topic through lectures, readings, and site visits.

Global Business Practicum courses are designed around a live business question that is posed by a corporate sponsor. Carlson students work in teams with students from a partner business school abroad to develop recommendations to the question that are delivered to the sponsor. Components of these programs include lectures, visits, fieldwork and group work associated directly with the business project under study.

Both models typically include pre-departure coursework and two weeks abroad in either January or May/June.

How do the costs work for your programs?

Participants pay a program fee that covers the in-country expenses for the program. For an undergraduate program, this typically covers program administration, international travel, health, and security insurance, round-trip airfare to the program destination, lodging in-country, all breakfasts, some additional meals, transportation within the country to site visits, and program events.

For a graduate program this typically includes program administration, international travel, health, and security insurance, lodging in-country, all breakfasts, some additional meals, transportation within the country to site visits, and program events.

In addition, the academic credits for each program will be charged at the University resident or non-resident tuition rate the student pays for all other credits. Please see One Stop for more information about tuition and fees.

Please see the web page for each program additional information.

Are there estimated costs beyond tuition and fees?
In general, you will need to budget for costs beyond the program costs. These may include passport processing, meals, internet access, phone calls, laundry, independent travel, sightseeing, and souvenirs. Graduate students will need to budget for the costs of a visa if required, and round trip airfare to the program location. Estimated expenses are available under Cost Estimate on the program website.
Are there scholarships available?
Yes, scholarships are available through the Carlson Global Institute, the Learning Abroad Center, and Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, and also through outside resources. You can apply for Carlson Global Institute scholarships at the time of application.
What are my options for financial aid?
You are able to use financial aid to help fund your study abroad experience. The Carlson Global Institute will provide you with an official Study Abroad Cost Estimate (SACE) form after you are confirmed to the program. You can also bring the cost estimate from the website to the Office of Student Finance to determine financial aid options before you commit to a program.
Where can I find more information about the application process?
Additional information is available on the Apply web page.
Can I fulfill course requirements abroad?
Yes, you can. Most program pages specifically state if the course fulfills requirements or is elective credit. However, if you have questions about a specific course, please contact Carlson Global Institute for more information.
How rigorous are the courses?
Global Enrichment courses are highly rigorous and courses are taught at an accelerated pace. While the travel portion of the course may be held in January, May, or June, class meetings are held during the semester before or after departure. These can range from 2 to 4 classes for graduate programs, to a full term of classes for undergraduate programs. These class meetings can incorporate a significant amount of pre-departure readings and/or assignments. You should keep this in mind when selecting the rest of your semester schedule.
Do I need to speak a foreign language?
All Global Enrichment courses are taught in English. While language skills are not required, we encourage you to learn some basic phrases. If you are at least able to ask for directions or know how to greet people, you’ll feel much better immediately.
Who will be my roommate?
Students will share a room with one or two classmates of their same gender. You may request a roommate or have one randomly assigned. Because networking and community-building are key parts of the program, students will not have the option of a single room.
Can I bring a guest along on the program?
Guests are not permitted during the program. Because Global Enrichment programs are intensive academic experiences, guests such as parents, spouses, partners, friends, or children are not permitted during the program. If you would like to have a guest join you before the program starts or after the program ends, you are welcome to do so. Carlson Global Institute is not responsible for securing accommodations, providing insurance, assisting with visas, or providing other support for any pre- or post-program logistics for you or a guest.
If the program fee includes a group flight, can I make changes to the return ticket?
Yes, you may request a deviation from the group flight. There will be limitations to the deviations, including availability, departure city, and length of stay. You are responsible for any fees and charges greater than the cost of the group flight. If you wish to make changes to your flight, you must work within the parameters of the group reservation and cannot book your own flight. You must also inform the Program Manager staff of your changes in travel plans.
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