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Global Enrichment Application – Frequently Asked Questions

This information applies only to Global Enrichment short-term programs; it does not apply to Global Immersion semester exchanges.

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What are my options for submitting my application?
We accept only online applications and materials uploaded through the online application system. The online application form must be completed in one session; you cannot save and return to the form. Detailed instructions are on the right side of the Apply page of our website.
How many programs can I apply to at one time?
You can apply to up to two Global Enrichment programs that have the same application deadline. You will rank your top choices (1, 2) and you must include a separate essay/statement for each program.
If I apply to two programs for the same term will I be charged two application fees?
You will be charged only one $50.00 application fee to your University of Minnesota student account if you apply to two programs within the same term. However, if you apply to two programs in two different terms (such as Spring and Summer) you'll be charged the application fee for each program.
I want to apply to multiple programs with different application deadlines—what should I do?

You can apply for each program during the application cycle for that program. The application cycle refers to the period in which you can apply for a given program. The application cycle closes at 11:59 p.m. on the final day of the application cycle. Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis only.

Programs that are listed as "Rolling" may close prior to the deadline date if the program fills, so early application is encouraged. Programs that are listed as "Priority Deadline" will continue to accept applications after the specified deadline if the program does not fill. Applications are reviewed on a space-available basis.

What happens if I miss the application deadline?
The application cycle closes at 11:59 p.m. on the deadline date. The application will still be available after that, but applications submitted after 11:59 p.m. on the deadline will be reviewed on a space-available basis only. If you miss the application deadline and the program is full, you will need to reapply the following year for consideration.
What happens if I miss the application deadline?
For rolling admission, applications are accepted starting the first day listed and are reviewed as they are received. Depending on interest, a program may fill before the final date listed, so early application is strongly encouraged.
What should I know about talking to past participants?

Past participants are students who participated on the program previously (usually the last year), and have agreed to allow us to share their names and email addresses on our website. Their information is listed on the contact information tab of each program web page. Past participants can be a great resource for you as you explore the many program options, and they can give you the student perspective on the program they participated in.

Keep in mind that programs do change from year to year, so always refer to the website or Carlson Global Institute directly to confirm program details. Also, if you are contacting a past participant when researching programs, please carefully review the program web page first so you are not asking for information that's already available. Please be respectful of the students' time, and be reasonable in your expectations of response time. Also, do not contact more than two students at a time. If you do not hear back within a week, then you can reach out to another student on the list.

How competitive is it to get into a program?
Competitiveness varies by program and by year, and we can never predict exactly how many applications we will get for a given program. We seek the highest quality applicants who put together strong applications. We encourage you to schedule an advising appointment to learn more about developing a strong application.
What are the selection criteria for acceptance?

Essay/Statement of Interest. The essay or statement of interest is given the most weight, and we look for clearly written materials that address the questions using specific examples and providing clarifying details. Evidence of research into the program and a clear understanding of the program’s goals and structure are important. We want students to demonstrate their excitement and passion for each program to which they apply. Deductions are taken for spelling and grammatical mistakes so proofread carefully.

Resume. The resume needs to be up-to-date, easy to read, and be free from errors. It should clearly outline your professional background and skills. We want to admit a diverse and interesting group of students who will contribute to and benefit from an education abroad experience. We are interested in the experiences and qualifications that distinguish you from other applicants.

Transcript. We will also review an online version of your University of Minnesota transcript. This confirms that participants meet the minimum GPA (varies by program). Students with high GPAs are noted for extra consideration.

All parts of the application are important. The essay or statement of interest is the largest piece and provides you with the greatest opportunity to differentiate yourself as a candidate, and each of the other materials are reviewed and add to the overall rating of the application.

Can I apply if it's my first semester and I don't have any classes completed yet?
Yes, you can apply before you've completed your first semester of classes. We encourage students to consider our programs at all times during their Carlson program, and we understand that personal circumstances vary, so we believe there is no "right" time to study abroad.
When should I participate in a study abroad program?

Students participate in international programs at all points in their Carlson School career. Every student's situation is different, so you should determine when to study abroad based on your own circumstances. Most programs have a range of students, from students in their first semester to students taking their last Carlson class. However, it is important to check that have completed any pre-requisites for the program. Contact an adviser at if you have questions about pre-requisites.

Can I participate in more than one Carlson School study abroad program?

Yes, you may and we encourage students to consider programs that are the best fit for their academic goals. Each application is judged independently, so each application is considered on its own merit.

How does my previous international experience, or lack of, factor in the selection process?
We believe that a well-rounded program will have students who have extensive international experience, students who have little to no international experience, and a range in between.
If I do not get into a program, can I be placed on a wait list?
We do have wait lists for our programs, and we select the students for the wait list during our selection process. If you are not nominated to a program, your notification letter will clearly state if you have been placed on the wait list.
If I am wait listed, how likely is it for me to get a place on that program?
We place a limited number of students on the wait list. That number varies by program and is based on the maximum amount of students we have seen go from the wait list to getting a place on the program. However, there is no guarantee that a spot will become available.
How will Carslon Global Institute notify me of my status?
We'll notify you of your acceptance status via your University of Minnesota email address. Notifications are typically sent out four weeks after the application deadline. Please make sure to check your U of M email account.
How can I contact Carslon Global Institute?
Please contact us at or 612-625-9361.

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