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Global Immersion Application – Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I apply?

The priority deadline for global immersion programs is February 28th for the following academic year. You are encouraged to apply by the priority deadline for your best chance at getting into your first choice program. Programs that do not fill by the priority deadline will be opened on a rolling basis until full.


Are programs competitive?

Competitiveness varies by program and by year, and we can never predict exactly how many applications we will get for a given program. We seek the highest quality applicants who put together strong applications. We encourage you to schedule an advising appointment to learn more about developing a strong application.


I’m a sophomore; can I apply for a global immersion program?

Sophomores can apply for global immersion programs if they have completed the I-Core semester.


Do I have to submit a separate essay for each program I choose?

You will need to complete a separate application for each program you rank, including an essay. You are encouraged to customize the essay to each program rather than write a generic essay.


What is the selection criteria?

The essay is given the most weight and we look for essays that clearly answer the questions using specific examples and providing clarifying details. Evidence of research into the program, and a clear understanding of the program’s goals and structure are important. We want students to demonstrate their excitement and passion for each program they apply to.

The resume needs to be up-to-date, easy to read, and be free from errors. It should clearly outline your professional background and skills.We want to admit a diverse and interesting group of students who will contribute to and benefit from an education abroad experience. We are interested in the experiences and qualifications that distinguish you from other applicants.

We will review an online version of your University of Minnesota transcript. This confirms that participants meet the minimum 3.0 minimum GPA.Students with high GPA’s are noted for extra consideration.

All parts of the application are important.The essayis the largest piece and provides you with the greatest opportunity to differentiate yourself as a candidate, and each of the other materials are reviewed and add to the overall rating of the application.


If I do not get into a program, can I be placed on a waitlist?

We do have waitlists for our programs and we select the students for the waitlist during our selection process. If you are not nominated a program, your notification letter will clearly state if you have been placed on the waitlist.


Do I have to submit a scholarship essay?

You will not be considered for merit-based scholarships without the supplemental scholarship essay. If you do not wish to be considered for merit-based awards, you do not need to submit the essay.


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