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Global Immersion – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is unique about exchange programs?

Carlson students participating in an exchange program trade places with a student from one of our partner business schools. Exchange students adapt to the host school academic environment and take courses offered by host school faculty. The level of support varies by program, but in general, exchange programs are best for adaptable and independent students who can proactively seek assistance when needed. Exchange programs offer a great opportunity for cultural immersion, since participants live and study with students from the host culture and/or international students from around the world.

Are all global immersion programs exchanges?
The majority of Global Immersion programs are exchange programs, however, the undergraduate CIMBA – Business Studies in Italy program is an exception. CIMBA is a co-sponsored program administered by the University of Iowa. At CIMBA, you will attend classes with American business students from around the country and take courses from American and international faculty. The CIMBA program offers a highly supportive environment, and the academic structure will feel very familiar to a Carlson student.
Are global immersion programs open to graduate students?

Part-time MBA students and HRIR students are eligible to participate in global immersion programs. At this time, the curricular structure of the full-time MBA program does not allow for a full semester abroad. The Global Discovery program is designed to be integrated into the full-time MBA experience, and offers full-time students the opportunity to study abroad with their cohort.

Are global immersion programs open to non-University of Minnesota students?

Global Immersion programs are not open to non- U of M students at this time. However, the Learning Abroad Center offers a wide variety of programs open to students from other universities.
Are global immersion programs open to non-Carlson students?

Non-Carlson students, including management minors, may apply for global immersion programs provided they have a foundation of business coursework. The application review committee will assess whether students have a sufficient level of business coursework to succeed at our partner business schools.

When should I study abroad?
Undergraduate Students

Carlson Global Institute offers a variety of education abroad experiences that can fit in any year of your college career. Students participating in exchange programs attend partner business schools around the world, and it is important to have a basic foundation of business coursework in advance. Most students participate in a semester exchange in their junior or senior year, after they have completed the I-Core curriculum. If you would like to study abroad prior to completing the I-Core, a short term program, or some Learning Abroad Center options may be more appropriate.

Graduate Students
It is most common for graduate students to participate in a semester exchange at the end of their program, though you can work with the MBA office to determine the timing that is best for you.

Can I study abroad in my last semester?

Yes. It is common for students to study abroad during their last semester at Carlson. Keep in mind that course offerings are not guaranteed, so students will need to plan carefully to meet their requirements. You will not be cleared for graduation until your transcripts arrive from your host school, which can take several months.
Are programs competitive?

Competitiveness varies by program and by year, and we can never predict exactly how many applications we will get for a given program. We seek the highest quality applicants who put together strong applications. We encourage you to schedule an advising appointment to learn more about developing a strong application.

How many spaces are available for each program?

The number of spaces offered for each program is negotiated with our partner schools each year. Typically the number of spaces ranges from 2 to 10. For your best chance of placement, you are encouraged to rank more than one program.

Do I need to know another language?

No. You do not need to speak another language to participate in a global immersion program. Coursework is offered in English at all partner schools, and most offer language courses to help you improve your skills during your semester abroad.

How do credits/grades transfer?

You will receive University of Minnesota credit for all courses you take abroad. Courses taken abroad can be petitioned to take the place of a Carlson requirement. You can view a database of petitioned courses by meeting with an Education Abroad adviser or your academic adviser. Keep in mind that the database reflects courses students have taken in the past, and does not guarantee that the class will be offered in the semester you are abroad. You will not choose your specific classes until very close to your departure date, or even after you arrive. Flexibility is required, and it is typical for students to transfer one or two courses in their major and fill in with electives.

You will receive an official transcript from your host school reflecting grades in the host school’s grading scale. These grades will be converted to S/N (pass/fail) grades on your U of M transcript.

Where will I live?

Housing arrangements vary by host school, but typically students live in on-campus residence halls or in apartments near campus. A small number of programs offer a home stay option. Your host school will help you make your housing arrangements.

Will you help me plan?

You will receive guidance from Carlson as well as your host school. You will receive a checklist of items to complete, and be invited to a pre-departure orientation to help you plan. You will be responsible for completing a number of tasks independently, and should seek help from Carlson Global Institute when you need it.

How much does it cost?

Program costs vary by location, and specific cost estimates can be found on the program pages. The tuition and program fee are fixed amounts that will be billed to your U of M student account. Other costs, including housing, transportation, etc. are estimates based on feedback from past participants.

Can I use financial aid for a global immersion programs?

Yes. Most kinds of financial aid can be applied to study abroad. See Financial Aid for additional details.

Are scholarships available for global immersion programs?

Yes. Merit-based and need-based scholarships are available. See the Scholarship section for additional details and application instructions.

Will I have the opportunity to travel?

Most students who participate on semester programs are able to find ample time to travel on the weekends and during class breaks. The costs of additional travel are not factored in to the cost estimate, so plan your budget accordingly. It is not appropriate to miss class due to travel.

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