Vienna, Austria

Undergraduate Global Immersion in Norway

Summer Program: BI Norwegian Business School

Location: Oslo, Norway

Term: Summer Session, June 21 - July 18, 2014

Objective: To provide students with an overview of research on intercultural marketing and management and to apply this knowledge creatively in the Scandinavian/Norwegian context.


  • Carlson undergraduate students
  • Classes will be a mix of international students

Academic Credit

  • 5 elective credits
  • Grading is S-N basis


This program is open to Carlson students with sophomore standing with a GPA of 2.5 at the time of application.


The capital Oslo is situated in surroundings of which very few other major cities can boast, about, bounded by the Oslo Fjord in the south and unspoiled natural woodlands to the north and east. With a population of about half a million, Oslo is also the cultural capital of Norway, with a rich and varied cultural scene. Norway's per capita income rank among the world’s highest which gives the Norwegians a high quality of life. Oil and gas are the cornerstones of the Norwegian economy. Other major industries are fish, pulp and paper, forestry, mining, manufacturing and shipping.

The 'Land of the Midnight Sun' has delightfully long summer days and the temperature can vary from plus 15 up to plus 30 degrees plus Celcius. It drops to plus 5 to minus 15 degrees Celsius during the winter, but each season has its own special features and charm. The contrasts are great and the scenery is ever changing all year round.

During the last decades Norway has drawn the attention of the rest of the world through its innovative ideas and technologies, its booming oil and gas industry and active participation in areas like environmental protection and peace brokerage.

Program Structure

An empathic understanding of how people from different parts of the world differ when it comes to opinions, attitudes, and beliefs or even what it takes to develop motivated and committed employees, is crucial for marketers and managers in today’s global world. The assumption that national cultures are still playing important roles in forming people’s values and attitudes, more than indicates that definitions and concepts of culture and cultural differences at national, organizational, and managerial level should be covered during a course like this.

One aspect of the course focuses on the importance of national culture in determining consumers’ behaviour. The course provides an overview of culture, how it affects consumption and brand experience and how different cultures may be compared with each other. This will be accomplished through lectures, guest speakers from the industry, visit to leading Norwegian companies to see Scandinavian management in practice, workshop on applying key concepts to a Norwegian case/company, and presentations.

The other aspect focuses on the so called ‘Scandinavian Model’ where gender and economic equality dominate and specific employment rules and rights must be applied. In particular, the ”Norwegian Working Environment Act” is covered.

Specific global industries where Norwegian firms have excelled such as shipping, oil and gas, and energy will also be investigated during the course.

Normally, each day will be structured so as the lectures will take place before lunch, while the afternoon will consist of other course-related activities. For more information on the detailed schedule, visit 2013 International Summer Programme.

Housing and Food

BI Norwegian Business School offers housing for the majority of students at BSN Dormitory during the summer session. BSN was completed in 2011 and offers modern, comfortable housing for BI students. All rooms are furnished and have a wired internet connection. Kitchens are not fully equipped with cooking utensils, however BI International Office will provide summer students with basic pots, pans, utensils and cutlery. Pillows, linens and bedding are not provided by BSN. However, BI International Office can purchase these items for you upon request, at an extra cost, and they will be available upon your arrival.

Cost Estimate

Program fee is $1,500 which covers some meals, program administration, international health insurance and fees. Airfare, housing, and personal expenses are not covered by the program fee.

The 5 academic credits for this program will be charged at the University of Minnesota per-credit resident rate. Please see One Stop for more information about tuition and fees.

Fees are based on estimates and may change due to international economic factors.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Most financial aid may be applied to study abroad. University of Minnesota students are eligible for education abroad scholarships. See Costs & Billing for additional information on financial aid and scholarships.

Application and Admission

To apply, please visit the Apply page. Students will be charged a $50 application fee.

The application priority deadline is February 1, 2014, with applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Applications will be reviewed and students will be informed of their status within 4 weeks of the application deadline.

All details subject to change based on economic and international factors.

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