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International Experience 101 Workshop

The online International Experience (IE) 101 Video is a requirement for all Carlson School undergraduate students. The video is provided to students in their MGMT 1001 and BA 3000 classes through Moodle. The video highlights the following:

  • The international experience requirement and program selection considerations
  • Carlson Global Institute and the University of Minnesota's Learning Abroad Center program offerings
  • Student perspectives on their own experiences abroad
  • Next steps for planning your international experience

In addition to the mandatory video, Carlson Global Institute and Undergraduate Programs have partnered together to offer a series of workshops to help students better prepare for their international experience. These workshops are offered monthly throughout the academic year, and provide a chance to go in depth on a topic that interests the student.

The workshop topics are:

  • IE 101: Academic Planning for Semester Abroad (required for students intending to do a semester program)
  • IE 101: Program Selection Considerations
  • IE 101: Financial Aid & Scholarships

Thinking about your goals as you're planning your international experience will help guide your program selection process and help make your experience abroad more meaningful. The Goal Setting Worksheet below is a tool to help you start defining your goals. Having thought about your goals and priorites for your international experience will make your program selection process more effective and efficient.

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