Creating Winning Strategies

Get an integrated, flexible framework for strategy development that focuses on what the various approaches to strategy have in common: decision making. Examine the concepts and tools for taking appropriate risks while producing enhanced shareholder results.

Oct. 79, 2014

8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. / $2,900

March 10-12 2015
8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. / $2,900
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In today's business environment, companies are facing critical strategic challenges:

  • How to strengthen their organization's strategy and decision-making capabilities from top to bottom
  • How to identify and deliver full value from their best performing products and businesses
  • How to reinvent those areas of their business which are stagnant and facing increasing margin pressure

The program's framework will enable you to select the appropriate process for specific decisions, and enable your organization to build in (rather than inspect for) decision quality. Creating and executing exceptional strategies both on the individual business level and at the portfolio level will be discussed. These discussions will also describe how this same approach can be applied to other portfolio decisions, such as those required in R&D, or for a portfolio of products and services within a business unit.

This program is designed for executives who desire to expand their capacity to think strategically in order to drive value creation, competitive advantage, and ultimately impact their company's bottom line. Managers moving into a position that will require strategic and executional thinking would also be good candidates.

Examples of past participant titles include:

  • Ecolab, Inc.
    Director, Global Sustainability – External Relations
  • Cargill, Inc.
    Process Manager
  • Medtronic, Inc.
    Senior Program Manager, Market Development
  • Target Corporation
    Regional Director, Assets Protection


  • Improve your ability to identify and deliver full value with a proven, flexible, decision-focused strategy development process
  • Learn and practice decision tools for structuring decisions, creating choices, assessing information, identifying objectives, and evaluating strategic alternatives
  • Enhance your capability to think and execute strategically for both individual business and portfolio strategies


  • Understand why your organization and its people have a difficult time taking intelligent risks that would increase the value of the organization
  • Measure the quality of strategic decisions
  • Understand strategic decision processes, and which should be used in which situation
  • Structure decisions for maximum effectiveness and efficiency
  • Build unbiased forward-looking business assessments
  • Quantify the limits of your knowledge, and how you can minimize biases in your assessments
  • Develop excellent strategies when multiple players, with multiple objectives, are involved
  • Determine the methodology and tools for incorporating risk into strategic evaluations
  • Plan for successful execution during the strategy process
  • Make the leap from individual strategic decisions to portfolios of decisions at all levels
  • Discuss the role of leadership in creating and executing exceptional strategies

Executive Education
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
321 Nineteenth Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0438

Results-Oriented Teaching Approach

The teaching approach provides a mix of lecture, discussions, and working sessions. Small group exercises and one-on-one consultations with faculty and other participants will give you an opportunity to apply the tools and concepts to strategic decisions you are currently facing.

A comprehensive workbook is provided for use during the program to track application ideas and to reference after returning to work. In addition, you will receive a PowerPoint file with electronic templates for the exercises covered during the breakout sessions.

You will leave the session with new ideas and concepts and an understanding of how these can be applied to the strategic problems you face. You will have several "takeaways" which can be used immediately, as well as long-term ideas that can be implemented over time.

Leo Hopf Leo Hopf, Carlson Executive Education Fellow

"The Creating & Executing Strategies course was outstanding! It provided me the tools, resources, and skills to make better strategic decisions for my business responsibilities. The interactive discussions were very engaging, and the examples shared really allowed the concepts to become real."
Director, Global Sustainability External Relations

"Creating and Executing Strategies gave me the additional tools and insights I needed to reinforce my strategic thinking. Leo was very effective in conveying his knowledge of the topic. The seminar was worth my time - times ten!"
Process Manager, Tartan Service Delivery
Cargill, Inc.

"Creating and Executive Strategies was a great program that used structured mechanisms to build strategies and make decisions. It tied together the interrelationships between the two to provide you with a full toolkit to bring back to your company."
Software Development Manager
Boston Scientific Corporation



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Leo Hopf talks about Creating and Executing Strategies


"The course is loaded with useful insights and helpful techniques for better managing your business."

– James Esler
Systems Fellow
Boston Scientific

"This was an excellent course for anyone involved in creating strategy, providing vision, and/or making high level decisions. The concepts and tools provided are invaluable to removing much of the corporate roadblocks that exist today when trying to create and execute effective strategies."

– Trevor Ball
Product Marketing Manager
Emerson Process Management

"If you feel like strategy is too big to understand or that it is an overwhelming project, this class will help you break it down into manageable pieces to work through."

– Paul Eickhoff
Operations Manager
Polaris Industries Inc.

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