Creating a High-Performance Organization

Understand the essential knowledge and skills to drive performance while maintaining an effective work culture. Develop a strong sense of requirements and best practices for effectively leading individuals and teams, and learn to exert influence as a leader in an organization.

October 27–29, 2014 / 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. / $3,000
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Every business faces competitive pressure to get things done faster and more efficiently—which is why a high-performance work environment is so critical in today’s marketplace.

The Creating a High-Performance Organization program helps managers develop the methods and skills needed to drive performance while maintaining a highly effective work culture. It will help you increase performance across the organization and support the achievement of business objectives, while building the leadership capabilities to meet future business needs.

This program provides you with a systemic view of the organization, best practices for creating a productive climate, and the tools and leadership practices to implement these ideas. Creating a High-Performance Organization features seasoned faculty who have vast real-world experience. You'll be prepared to assess the needs of your work environment on several dimensions: capabilities, competencies, teamwork, empowerment, systems thinking, and leadership.

This program is designed for mid-level to senior executives who are responsible for improving the performance of their company’s employees. Typical titles include director, supervisor, manager, group leader, or team leader. Anyone responsible for organizational change, or coaching and supporting people would benefit from this program.


  • Identify and leverage your competencies to become a more effective manager
  • Develop and coach teams to achieve their full potential as high-performance work units
  • Influence fast moving, complex organizations at the individual, team, and complex system levels
  • Effectively implement change throughout an organization
  • Build the critical leadership skills needed to set a motivational environment


  • Patterns of effective managers
  • Understand the concept of performance vs. potential
  • Drivers of high-performance teams
  • Build trust and empower teams
  • Lead on purpose and from strengths
  • Coaching individuals, teams, and peers
  • Align the right skills to the task and work environment
  • Think systemically about the organization and the best way to influence it
  • Understand and support self-organizing forces in an organization
  • Effective use of self to support a high-performance work culture

Executive Education
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
321 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0438

Teaching Approach
The faculty will facilitate practical, action-oriented discussions on best practices, with a lively transfer of knowledge among participants. Learning will happen in many ways, including group discussions, simulations, and self-assessment to determine competencies. This program also offers you an opportunity to create a customized individual development plan and work with a peer coach to help anchor new knowledge and skills.

Karl Johnson Karl Johnson, Carlson Executive Education Instructor
Peter Krembs Peter Krembs, Carlson Executive Education Fellow

"This program provides value to all levels of leadership, from first-time manager to CEO. We all share the same problems and this program provides ways to meet these challenges."
District Vice-President
Graybar Electric

"This course provides a wonderful mix of theory and practical application for the seasoned or emerging leader. Thought provoking, challenging, and fun topics with world class speakers, makes this course a great addition to your leadership portfolio. Highly recommended."
Manager - Nuclear Organizational Effectiveness
Kewaunee Power Station

"The knowledge I gained in this course will help me reap immediate results...great practical information. After many years in management the course proved to me that it's never too late to learn new things, which is both humbling and inspiring. I am very thankful for the instructors who displayed a huge amount of concern for our ability to grow from their course."
Director of Account Services and Creative Operations
Thomson Reuters

Program Details

Program Details

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"This program was particularly valuable as a perspective building, self-awareness developing experience—a critical step for emerging and aspiring leaders. It was a nicely balanced blend of theory and practical application of fundamental principles, skills of leaders, and leadership."

– Alex Stiber
Sr. Director, Executive & Leadership Development
The Schwan Food Company

"I found all of the topics and learning events to be extremely thought provoking and challenging. I would recommend this course for anyone in a leadership position regardless of tenure, experience, and level of responsibility."

– Scott Cozad
District Sales Manager
UCB Pharma Inc.

"Definitely worth it. There were so many things that I intend to use in my department. I will recommend to anyone in a management/leadership role. Very useful."

– Penny Gall
IT Manager
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

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