Leading Effective Change

Social networks and their role in the change process are the keys to discovering the underlying dynamics of change. Learn the language, tools, and concepts of change management that will allow you to become an agile, creative, open-minded, effective change leader.

March 24-26, 2014 / 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. / $3,000
Max 20 people
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Today’s global business climate creates an ambiguous and unpredictable landscape for leaders to navigate. Change is constant—and difficult. This focused program is facilitated by leading experts in change management and includes cutting edge issues and approaches to organizational change.

Effective leadership requires managers to understand that change unfolds in many different ways, resistance and support may come from diverse quarters, teamwork and influence skills are central, and learning from experience is invaluable. Organizational change also alters the web of relationships that connect employees within an organization.

This program will introduce participants to social networks and their role in the change process. Participants will discover the underlying dynamics of change from expert presenters, in-class discussion, hands-on work, and a behavioral simulation. Managers will learn the language, tools and concepts of change management to become agile, creative, open-minded, effective change leaders.

This program is designed for people interested in increasing their change leadership capabilities. Appropriate attendees include, but are not limited to, general managers, division leaders, senior and mid-level functional managers, and executives who manage training and education. Typical titles for participants include vice president, or senior-level manager for a functional area (such as marketing, operations, or sales) within a company.


  • Compare four basic perspectives about change
  • Recognize the situations when each approach to change is most effective
  • Discover the role of social networks in the change process
  • Recognize why people may feel and behave as they do in reaction to change
  • Learn the characteristics of an effective change team
  • Experience a hands-on change simulation
  • Acquire a set of tools for effective change leadership


  • Models of change
  • Building the change management team
  • Team social networks, emotion, and change management
  • Applying a seven-step process of change implementation
  • Developing an organizational change plan

Executive Education
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
321 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0438

Benefits of Attending

  • Interact with leading scholars in change management, social networks, and teamwork
  • Gain a broad perspective on change management, enhancing your ability to match appropriate techniques to your specific organizational challenges
  • Improve your ability to influence behavior by understanding and accurately identifying key social networks in your organization
  • Practice what you learn, real time
  • Leave with a practical set of tools and a better understanding of what needs to be done to lead change in your organization
Karl Johnson Karl Johnson, Carlson Executive Education Instructor
Mary Zellmer-Bruhn Mary Zellmer-Bruhn, Associate Professor, Department of Work and Organizations, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
"Leading Effective Change is a solid real-world program that gives attendees the knowledge, skills, and real-world examples of applications that will help us plan and lead change in our organization."
Director, Large Law
Thomson Reuters Legal

"I found the class to be invigorating. The course work and discussion gave me a better perspective of leading change effectively on a daily basis. The theory and tools given to us will be helpful to put to use and make change happen with meaning. This is an excellent class for anyone in a leadership role."
VP of HR
Cloverdale Foods Co

"I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend this program to anyone currently involved with or preparing to implement change within their organization or department. 'Change' is often feared simply due to lack of understanding of how underlying problems or situations will ultimately lead to failure. This program helps remove that fear. Well done!"
Western US Region Manager


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Program Preview

Instructors Mary Zellner-Bruhn and Steve Spruth describe the Leading Effective Change program.


"I found the class to be invigorating. The course work and discussion gave me a better perspective of leading change effectively on a daily basis. The theory and tools given to us will be helpful to put to use and make change happen with meaning. Excellent class for anyone in a leadership role."

– Darlene Reinarts
Vice President, Human Resources
Cloverdale Foods Co.

"Great program loaded with practical materials that had real-world application."

– Glen Gilbert
Vice President
Genex Coop

"The class was wonderful. I walked away with an understanding of theory, as well as things to try that are useful on a day to day basis. Recommended for anyone in decision making roles."

– Derek Scheskie
Director of Operations
Array Services Group

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