Marketing Essentials

Explore the basic marketing principals that will help you make the best strategic choices and tactical decisions for your organization. Marketing Essentials will provide you with an overarching framework and set of integrated processes to effectively evaluate your organization's current marketing programs and help determine appropriate changes.

Dates: April 23–25, 2013
Tuition: $3,000
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In this high-energy, hands-on class, participants will learn how to efficiently segment the market, decipher data, identify opportunities, respond to customer needs, and create successful marketing plans. Whether you are a new marketing manager or someone who works extensively with a marketing department, this program will provide a solid fact-based foundation to compete successfully in today's rapidly changing environment.

Designed by a seasoned marketing expert with more than 25 years of experience delivering programs for business practitioners, the curriculum focuses on a wide variety of real-world illustrations from the service, manufacturing, consumer, and non-profit sectors. The program also includes presentations by expert practitioners in the important areas of conducting marketing research projects, creating advertising and promotion programs, and conducting library and database information searches. You'll leave the program with information that you can immediately use to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's marketing programs.


  • Develop a process and list of questions to improve your marketing strategy and its implementation
  • Identify and properly evaluate customer and market focused business opportunities
  • Determine if your current price for a product or service is the appropriate price to charge
  • Discover new ways to differentiate your products and services
  • Better segment your market to allow for more efficient and effective allocation of marketing resources
  • Learn the key issues to focus on when implementing a social media marketing strategy
  • Discover whether your advertising, promotion and sales presentations are targeted to the right groups, stress the right benefits, and convey the appropriate image for your organization
  • Determine whether your current methods of going to market are appropriate given your target market and competitive position
Marketing Essentials is designed for both people new to the role of a marketing manager and people who need to understand how they can better contribute to the success of a marketing initiative. This program will help new marketing managers develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities to deal with the most critical marketing decisions. It will also help those who work extensively with the marketing department to understand the pivotal role marketing plays within the organization and become capable of making significant strategic contributions to the marketing plan.

Robert HansenRobert Hansen, Associate Professor of Marketing, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota


Executive Education
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
321 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0438

Teaching Approach

This is a high energy, fast paced program that includes a number of small group break-out activities designed to provide you with hands-on experience addressing the types of marketing issues that you currently face at work. In addition to a notebook, you will receive an electronic version of all materials used during the program that you can modify to better fit your own organization's unique situation. You will also be provided with a pass code to a website which will allow you to view updates and read bi-weekly postings dealing with ways to improve your organization's marketing programs.

Quantity Discount
A discount of 15% will apply to registrations of 3 or more people from the same company registering as a group for the same specific program. Please note that this offer is contingent upon all registrants enrolling in the same program having the same start date. Program cancellations and program transfers affecting the minimum number of people enrolled in the program for which the discount applied will void the discount.

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Program Preview

Associate Professor Robert Hansen discusses Marketing Essentials.


"This class far exceeded my expectations! Clear, concise concepts presented in a logical format. Information has immediate application for all types of business! Very well done! Great investment!"

– Brandelyn Hook
Brand Manager
The Mosaic Company

"This marketing program was not only a great opportunity to break down the function and importance of marketing, but was a fantastic facility to apply classroom examples to real-world scenarios and network with professional peers."

– Danielle Dahlstrom Coughlin
Business Unit Executive
Cognos, an IBM Company

"If you're looking to learn fundamentals of marketing out of a textbook, this class isn't for you. If you want to learn from real people who have been in real marketing roles, you need to take this course."

– Mike Otto
Marketing Manager
T-Chek Systems

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