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Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI)- Executive Education Partnership

The Carlson School's Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) draws on the diverse expertise of University of Minnesota researchers working on the scientific, technical, legal, ethical, and entrepreneurial opportunities and problems in the global health care industry. MILI leverages Minnesota's concentration of top-tier companies to create the next generation of business leaders and policy makers in the medical field.
Spring-Fall, 2014


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MILI's Executive Education program offers professionals the chance to hone their skillset, whether considering a shift in career concentration or simply keeping abreast of this dynamic, changing field. The curriculum is tailored for functional learning across areas. Students learn in intensive, collaborative environments, either taking on the challenge of earning a MILI Certificate or directing their study through one of a suite of signature courses. Executive participants can expect to get a sense of the scope and shape of the global health care landscape; engage in detailed analysis of specific topics, firms, and industry sectors; and work alongside peers, colleagues, and world-class academics in experiential learning projects with firms around the world.

Medical Industry Executive Education at the Carlson School is available both as a Certificate program and as a suite of a la carte offerings.

Individual Courses
Learners may enroll in one or more specific courses in order to deepen expertise in a specific area. See the courses tab for our current elective offerings.

Executive Education Certificates allow professionals to bundle their learning and demonstrate a mastery of a specific body of knowledge. This intentional professional development helps busy professionals enter or stay on top of this rapidly changing field. A MILI Certificate is earned by taking one foundation course, The Health care Marketplace, coupled with two elective courses. Each course meets for 3+ hours, one night a week for eight weeks. If you are planning to complete a certificate, please contact Jennifer Erickson, Business Development Manager (612) 625-5412 for assistance in selecting your elective programs.

To learn more or to register for multiple programs
call Kelly Sherer, 612-624-3821
MILI 6726 Medical Device Industry: Business and Public Policy
This course, with the insight of industry leaders, addresses public-private sector interactions and the business, public policy, regulatory, and technology management issues that concern medical device and biotechnology companies.
Instructor: Robert Connor Tuition: $4500 Location: Carlson School 2-224
Wednesdays 9/3/2014-12/10/14 5:45-8:15 p.m. REGISTER
MILI 6990 The Health Care Marketplace (Foundation Course)
A survey of the $2 trillion medical industry, this course covers physician and hospital services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, information technology, and industry scale, interactions, opportunities, and barriers.
Instructor: Michael Finch Tuition: $3000 Location: Hanson Hall 1-105


5:45 - 9:05 p.m. REGISTER

Spring, 2015 TBA

5:45 - 9:05 p.m.  
MILI 6992 Health Care Delivery Innovations: Optimizing Cost and Quality
Understand the various sites of health care delivery that exist in order to analyze how the components along the care continuum, currently fit together and more importantly explore how they can be reconfigured and re-engineered to create value.
Instructor: Rahul Koranne Tuition: $3000 Location: Hanson Hall 1-103
Mondays 10/27/2014-12/8/2014 5:45-9:05 p.m. REGISTER
MILI 6562 Information Technology in Health care
This course provides a theoretical and conceptual base for managers, creators, and evaluators of health care information technology, including the application of current and evolving technology systems. Special attention is paid to the design and evaluation of common data structures.
Instructor: David Edgerton Tuition: $3000 Location: Hanson Hall 1-108
Tuesdays 10/21/2014-12/9/2014 5:45-9:05 p.m. REGISTER
MILI 6235 Pharmaceutical Industry: Business and Policy
Focusing on the unique characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry, including its market, regulation, and policy issues, this course leverages interdisciplinary perspectives and industry leader involvement to develop student skill sets.
Instructors: Robert Connor
Tuition: $3000 Location: Carlson School 1-149
Wednesdays Spring 2015, TBA 5:45 - 9:05 p.m.  
MILI 6589 Medical Technology Evaluation and Market Research
Leaders from UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, and the Mayo Clinic participate in this hands-on experience in creating a value proposition for new medical technologies.
Instructor: Eric Barrette / Lindsay Bockstedt Tuition: $3000 Location: Carlson School 1-123
Mondays Spring 2015, TBA 3:45 - 5:25 p.m.  
MILI 6991 Anatomy and Physiology for Managers
A basic overview of the medical vocabulary and physiology of major body systems for non-clinician managers, this course helps medical industry leaders gain facility with clinical practice and medical technology innovations.
Instructor: Archell Georgiou Tuition: $3000 Location: Hanson Hall 1-107
Wednesdays Spring 2015, TBA 5:45 - 9:05 p.m.  

Success in every profession requires intelligence, drive, and the curiosity to seek out and master developing challenges and opportunities. Our Executive Education participants are most often early- to mid-career professionals who show promise as emerging leaders and are looking for a peer group with whom to expand their knowledge base and explore fast-changing fields.

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) is marked by its investment in lifelong learning, which values the mutual benefits of interaction among students, faculty, and global industry executives. A typical participant in the MILI Executive Education track at the Carlson School will have a bachelor's or master's degree and 3-5 years of professional experience in some sector of the medical industry. They will often be supported by their firm in their pursuit of a rigorous, relevant knowledge base through our program.


The Medical Industry Leadership Institute is committed to putting the appropriate expert at the head of each course, often drawing in guest lecturers from industry and from across the University, including its schools of management, law, public health, and medicine. MILI itself has seven core faculty:

Susan Alpert Susan Alpert, MD, PhD
Having recently retired from Medtronic, where she served as senior vice president and chief regulatory officer, Alpert is one of the founding members of MILI's National Industry Council and is now MILI's executive in residence. In this new role, Alpert helps foster MILI's close working relationships with global medical industry leaders and shares her expertise with students and affiliates.

Eric BarretteEric Barrette, PhD
Eric Barrette is a senior consultant at Bates White Economic Consulting in the Health care and Life Sciences practice areas. His work involves economic analysis of pricing, marketing, distribution, and reimbursement in pharmaceutical and medical device industries. He also works on issues regarding antitrust investigations including mergers and conduct investigations in health care industries. Barrette served as principal investigator of a project studying geographic variation in health care costs and utilization for the Institute of Medicine through a subcontract to The Lewin Group. He received a Ph.D. in health services research and policy from the University of Minnesota, an M.A. in economics from the University of Arizona and a B.S. in Economics and Actuarial Science from the University of St. Thomas. His research interests include pricing and reimbursement, health information technology diffusion, and health care market structure.

Lindsay Bockstedt, PhD
As Director of Global Health Policy, Economics, and Outcomes Research at Medtronic, Inc. Bockstedt is responsible for utilizing health economic data to enhance Medtronic's ability to shape broad payment policy options and conduct economic research of medical device interventions. She received her Ph.D. and M.S. in health services research and policy from the University of Minnesota, and B.S. in public health from Rutgers University. Her dissertation research estimates the societal value of the Medicare New Technology Add-On Payment and the policy's effect on hospital adoption of new technology. Her research focuses on medical technology diffusion, Medicare payment policy, hospital behavior, and applied econometrics.

Robert ConnorRobert Connor, PhD, MHA
A widely-recognized teacher and scholar, Connor specializes in the structure of the health care sector, insurance purchasing decisions, vertically integrated care delivery systems, and health care reform. Connor is MILI's go-to instructor for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Device Industry overview courses.

Michael FinchMichael Finch, PhD
A principal at Finch & King, Inc., Finch brings a wealth of industry experience to his role as an adjunct associate professor with MILI. Through his work here, Finch influences industry by helping create its up-and-coming leaders in the Medical Industry Valuation Lab.

David EdgertonDavid Edgerton, MBA
David Edgerton is a proven leader with over 17 years of experience in information technology. He currently works as an IT strategic business partner for the National Marrow Donor Program. David has a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and an MBA from the Carlson School of Management. He has worked for several companies in the Twin Cities including Best Buy, Imation Corporation, Smead Manufacturing, and Ambient Consulting. When he is not working, he enjoys music, social media, entrepreneurship, teaching, and public speaking.

Anchelle GeorgiouAnchelle Georgiou, MD
Georgiou is President of Georgiou Consulting, a firm that helps companies grow by helping them design products and services that have a meaningful impact on health and health care She works with a portfolio of companies and strategic partners including TripleTree, a mergers and acquisitions firm, Fox9 news where she hosts a twice-weekly health care segment, the Copper Development Association and Healthgrades. Since 2009, Georgiou has served on the Board of Directors of PRGX, Inc., a recovery audit firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. Prior to founding her consulting practice, Georgiou spent 13 years as an executive with UnitedHealth Group.

Jeffrey HertzbergJeffrey Hertzberg, MD, MS
Hertzberg, a former practicing internal medicine physician, is president of Medformatics, Inc., a Minneapolis-based consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation, and selection of health care information systems. Hertzberg says of the Anatomy and Physiology for Managers class he developed in 2007, "This unique course offers human biomedical sciences to MBA students, weaving together basic science with a practical approach to identifying opportunities in the health care market. Our students leave better able to communicate effectively and accurately with their clinical colleagues." In 2014 he will be co-teaching the Medical Industry Valuation Lab.

Rahul KoranneRahul Koranne, MD, MBA
Rahul Koranne is Medical Director of Bethesda Hospital and oversees and provides strategic direction to all inpatient and outpatient programs. He is board-certified in internal medicine and geriatrics and was elected as a Fellow of the American College of Physicians in April 2006. Koranne attended medical school at the University of Delhi in India, where he graduated at the top of the University. He completed his internal medicine residency at the State University of New York in Brooklyn and his fellowship in geriatrics at the University of Minnesota. Koranne earned a master of business administration (MBA) degree at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.

Randall Nelson Randall Nelson
As the president of Evergreen Medical Technologies, LLC, Nelson has first-hand experience in developing and manufacturing innovative products for the medical industry—and as a lecturer in MILI's Valuation Lab, Nelson puts that experience to work in helping other inventors navigate a difficult market. "Inventors are looking for an analysis to see whether their technology or idea has a good market value," and Nelson helps MILI's students dive right in, researching the market and the product, and ultimately helping to carve out each inventor's path to success.

Steve Parente Stephen T. Parente, PhD
Parente is the Director of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute, Professor and Minnesota Insurance Industry Chair of Health Finance, in the Department of Finance at the Carlson School of Management. While he was instrumental in MILI's early development, Parente takes special pride in the development of the Medical Industry Valuation lab, which, he says, "helps inventors accelerate the innovation pipeline, prepares students for leadership roles in the medical device industry, and greatly benefits our state and our nation's economic development."

Michael RamletMichael Ramlet
Michael Ramlet is a domestic policy and economic expert. He leads Purple Policy, a consulting practice that advises government affairs, business strategy, and financial services clients on the economic impact of political and policy changes. Ramlet is also the founder and editor of The Morning Consult, a daily health care industry and public policy briefing that is subscribed to by over 2400 policy makers and executives. He has also served as an outside adviser to the nation's Republican Governors. Prior to joining Purple, Ramlet was a policy director at the American Action Forum. In this role he regularly contributed to Congressional testimony, published over 45 policy papers, and ran point for more than 100 economists in filing 3 Supreme Court amicus briefs on the economics of the Affordable Care Act. His work has been cited in The Wall Street Journal, Bloom berg News, and the New York Times.

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Program Details

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Faculty Testimonials

"I have been involved with MILI since its inception. I have watched the growth of this program and its remarkable impact in preparing students to 'hit the ground running.'"

– Susan Alpert, MD, PhD

"The U.S. has always been a leader in medical technology, but regulatory challenges here have grown, and it will take a lot of work and collaboration to ensure our continued international leadership role. Since the medical device industry is the best performing export market, this is important not just for the medical device industry, but for the whole American economy."

– Robert Connor

Our unique Anatomy and Physiology for Managers course "offers human biomedical sciences to business students, weaving together basic science with a practical approach to identifying opportunities in the health care market. Our students leave better able to communicate effectively and accurately with their clinical colleagues."

–Jeffrey Hertzberg

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