From Madness to Method
Driving Digital & Social Marketing

Today's socially networked businesses need marketers, data analysts, and IT professionals who can work together to draw business intelligence and economic value from social media. This three-day course provides the analysis tools and the business context to make smarter use of social media and its data. Participants will learn strategies for digital attribution, social listening, open innovation, and analytics on social and mobile platforms.

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From madness to method
Businesses today must navigate a complex social graph flooded with information about products, firms, and consumer behavior. From Twitter to Facebook, Google to Groupon, new marketing opportunities continue to emerge as traditional strategies fade. Success in this environment requires organizations to rethink everything from product design to marketing, and customer service to IT infrastructure.

Data analytics for today's socially networked business
Significant economic value waits in the data generated by social media and other networked platforms. To monetize this potential, professionals need to understand best practices for the business use of social media, from top-level strategy to tools for data measurement and analysis. This course covers mega-trends in social media and big data to help organizations conduct business in the digital age.

Participants will:

  • Develop a framework for quantifying the returns on social media and digital marketing.
  • Understand cross-platform and cross-device effects in digital attribution analyses.
  • Examine the mobile landscape and learn key metrics in mobile marketing analytics.
  • Understand the fundamentals of social network marketing such as peer influence and homophily.
  • Discover how to extract business intelligence from social listening tools.
  • Learn how businesses can tap into the open innovation opportunities in the digital world.
  • Examine the best practices in social media and digital marketing from multiple perspectives in multiple industries.

This course is presented in conjunction with the University's Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO).

Ideal for:

  • Marketers who want to gauge and improve the effectiveness of their social media efforts. You'll learn tools and techniques to help you choose metrics, gather data, analyze findings, and build an evidence-based case for your social media strategies.
  • Data analysts who want to influence the major decisions facing their organizations. Gain a broader understanding of the business context and how data can inform it. Use this to help communicate with colleagues about the potential opportunities you see in the analytics.
  • Information technology professionals who manage the systems that enable data mining. Deliver greater value to your organization by helping it to collect, manage, and apply important data streams.

This course is also an opportunity for dialog among disciplines. Increasingly, business requires all kinds of information professionals to collaborate when developing and executing digital strategies. Brand strategists, social media managers, content creators, business intelligence specialists, systems managers can all benefit.

Examples of past participant titles:

  • Medtronic, Inc
    Sr. Market Analyst
  • Polaris
    Marketing Communications Specialist

Session 1: Insights into Digital Marketing

  • Strategic search engine marketing, web analytics, and digital advertising models.
    • New metrics (audience/channel specific/universal engagement metrics) for evaluating success of digital marketing campaigns.
    • Hands-on case analysis on how to leverage search advertising in generating customer sales in a cost-effective manner.

Session 2: Mobile Marketing and Attribution Analysis

  • A framework for digital marketing attribution.
    • Digital attribution across different media and different devices.
    • Case analyses of multi-channel budget allocation in digital marketing.
  • Painting the mobile landscape: mobile internet, mobile apps, mobile ads, mobile commerce.
    • Key metrics and analytics in quantifying the value of mobile marketing.
    • Mobile and tablet consumption in consumer decision journey.
    • Case analyses of mobile adoption.

Session 3: Social Listening and Analytics

  • Social listening and text analytics.
    • Sentiment analyses and opinion mining of user-generated content.
    • Generating marketing intelligence from mining social media content.
  • Methods for measuring the true impact of social networks and word-of-mouth
    • Executing statistical tools, experimental testing and randomized trials in the digital world.

Session 4: Social Media Marketing and Big Data Analytics

  • How social media is changing businesses.
    • Discuss key attributes, affordances and norms of the major social media platforms.
    • Discuss social media marketing strategies and execution
  • Using social media networks for brand value.
    • Distinguishing homophily from influence in social networks.
    • Understanding and leveraging the peer influence process.
    • Discuss different mechanisms through which products and ideas go viral.
  • Learning from past marketing campaigns.

Session 5: Leveraging Social Communities

  • Hands on case analyses to build a Facebook community.
    • Generating consumer insights and monetize Facebook fan page activity.
    • Using social media channels to actively engage customers and communities.
    • Social media metrics and social graph analyses

Session 6: Open Innovation-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Achieving rapid, low-cost innovation in product design and marketing using 3Cs: crowd-sourcing, contests, and communities.
  • Connecting brands to consumers: a new ecosystem.
  • Using contests to create customer intimacy.
  • Emerging principles and key learnings in crowd-funding for digital marketing.
  • Concluding thoughts and “hands-on” discussion on implementing social media and digital marketing.

Program Conclusion and Evaluation

Executive Education
Carlson School of Management
University of Minnesota
321 19th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0438

Ravi Bapna Ravi Bapna, Academic Co-director, Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative (SOBACO) and Board of Overseers Professor of Information and Decision Sciences, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

Richard Nelson Anindya Ghose, Professor of Information, Operations, and Management Sciences and Professor of Marketing, Co-Director Center for Business Analytics (CBA), and Robert L. & Dale Atkins Rosen Faculty Fellow, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

"Great course for marketing data analysts and digital marketers."
Marketing Communications Specialist

"Every serious marketer in the digital space should take this course to better inform their strategies and decision making. If you are not using the framework, tools, and strategic insights unlocked from the course topics, you will quickly realize a competitive disadvantage."
Reporting & Analytics Lead - Cartwheel
Target Corp



“Every serious marketer in the digital space should take this course to better inform their strategies and decision making. If you are not using the framework, tools, and strategic insights unlocked from the course topics, you will quickly realize a competitive disadvantage.”

– Britton Arthur Goetze IV
Reporting & Analytics Lead - Cartwheel
Target Corp.

"Great course for marketing data analysts and digital marketers"

– Luke Mulvaney
Marketing Communications Specialist

"The professors are fantastic and so skilled. They understand that there are varying degrees of understanding across the students in the classroom and they tailor their teaching to the students."

– Susan Beatty
PR and Social Media Manager
Bremer Bank

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