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Van De Ven,Andrew Henry

Professor, Vernon H. Heath Chair of Organizational Innovation and Change
Strategic Mgmt/Entrepreneurship
3-402 CarlSMgmt

Andrew H. Van de Ven is Vernon H. Heath Professor of Organizational Innovation and Change in the Carlson School of the University of Minnesota and founding editor of Academy of Management Discoveries. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1972, and taught at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania before his present appointment. He teaches courses on the management of innovation and change, organizational behavior, and research methods. 

Van de Ven has been studying changes unfolding in health care organizations and industry. During the 1980s he directed the Minnesota Innovation Research Program in which 30 faculty and doctoral students tracked fourteen different kinds of innovations from concept to implementation. 

In addition to organizational innovation and change, Van de Ven's books and journal articles over the years have dealt with the Nominal Group Technique, organization assessment, inter-organizational relationships, and research methods. He is co-author of 12 books, including: The Innovation Journey (1999, 2008), Organization Change and Innovation Processes (2000), Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation (2004), and Engaged Scholarship (2007), which won the 2008 Terry best book award from the Academy of Management. During 2000-2001 Van de Ven was President of the Academy of Management.

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"Structuring Cooperative Relationships between Organizations," A. Van de Ven and P. Ring. Strategic Management Journal, 1992. In 2008, this paper was selected for the Dan and Mary Lou Schendel Best Paper Prize. This award recognizes a paper published at least five years ago that has made a lasting contribution to scholarship in strategic management.

"The Innovation Journey." A. Van de Ven, D. Polley, R. Garud, and S. Venkataraman (1999; 2008). New York; Oxford University Press. This book was runner-up for Terry Award by Academy of Management for best book of the year.

Research on the Management of Innovation: The Minnesota Studies, A. Van de Ven, H. Angle, and M. Poole (Oxford University Press, 2000).

Measuring and Assessing Organizations, A. Van de Ven and D. Ferry (Wiley Interscience, 1980).

Group Techniques for Program Planning: A Guide to Nominal Group and Delphi Processes, A. Van de Ven, A. Delbecq, and D. Gustafson (Scott Forsman, 1975).

Handbook of Organizational Change and Innovation, A. Van de Ven and M. S. Poole (Oxford University Press, 2004).

Organizational Change and Innovation Processes: Theory and Methods for Research, A. Van de Ven, M. S. Poole, K. Dooley, and M. Holmes (Oxford University Press, 2000).

Engaged Scholarship: A Guide for Organizational and Social Research, A. Van de Ven, (Oxford University Press, 2007). Winner of the 2008 Academy of Management Terry Book Award. This award is granted annually to the book judged to have made the most outstanding contribution to the advancement of management knowledge and published during the past two years.

"Knowledge for Science and Practice," A. Van de Ven and P. Johnson, Academy of Management Review, 2006

"A Collective Action Model of Institutional Innovation," A. Van den Ven and T. Hargrave, Academy of Management Review, 2006

"Relying on Trust in Cooperative Inter-Organizational Relationships," A. Van de Ven, P. Ring, A. Zaheer, & R. Bachman, Handbook of Trust Research, 2006

"Explaining Development and Change in Organizations," A. Van de Ven and M. Poole, Academy of Management Review, 1995. This article was named the journal''s best paper of the year.

Van de Ven directs the Minnesota Health Care Organization's Research Program and PhD Training Fellowships, as well as the Minnesota Innovation Research Program in the Strategic Management Research Center

Distinguished Scholar Award, Health Care Management Division, Academy of Management, 2005

Editorial boards, European Management Review, Journal of Applied Behavioral Sciences, Journal of Trust Research, and Journal of Change Management

Co-investigator (with R. Schroeder and K. Lindeman, CSOM) on $496,206 National Science Foundation research grant on Sustainable Quality Performance. 2008 was first of three-year research program.

Academy of Management Journal, Associate editor of special issue and process studies of organization change, forthcoming 2012.

Research consultant to Health Partners Research Foundation on 5-year (2007-2011) study of mental health care services supported by $3 million grant from National Institute of Mental Health in 2007.

Distingushed Scholar Award, Technology and Innovation Management Division, Academy of Management, 2003

President of the Academy of Management, 2000-2001

Proposal collaborator and program advisor on a $52 million five-year research grant application to the National Institute of Health for an Institutional Clinical and Translational Science Award to the Academic Health Center of the Univ. of Minnesota. Prof. Bruce R. Blazar, Pediatrics is program director.

Principle investigator in longitudinal study of Allina healthcare organization integration since 1994.

Distinguished Scholar Career Award, Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management, 1997

Elected Fellow of the Academy of Management, 1988

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PhD, 1972
Program Administration
University of Wisconsin-Madison

MBA, 1969
Management and Finance
University of Wisconsin-Madison

BBA, 1967
Philosophy and Business Administration
St. Norbert College


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