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Judy Rayburn received her PhD in accounting from the University of Iowa. Prior to that, she had earned degrees in history and business administration from the same school. She is an expert in capital markets and her current area of research is in accounting accruals and equity security valuation. She serves on the editorial board of the Accounting Review and has been published in the Journal of Accounting Research, Contemporary Accounting Research, and the Canadian Journal of Economics. She was the American Accounting Association President in 2005-06.

"Assessing the Impact of Export Taxes on Canadian Softwood Lumber," J. Rayburn, J. Begley, J. Hughes, and D. Runkle, Canadian Journal of Economics (1998).

"Stock Price Effects of U.S. Trade Policy Responses to Japanese Trading Practices in Semiconductors," J. Rayburn, J. Hughes, and S. Lenway, Canadian Journal of Economics (1997).

"The Impact of Earnings Announcements on the Adverse Selection Problem of Market Makers," J. Rayburn, J. Hughes, and L. Daley, Journal of Accounting Research (1995).

"Capital Markets Experience for Financial Accounting Students," J. Rayburn, J. Berg, J. Dickhaut, J. Hughes, and K. McCabe, Contemporary Accounting Research (1995).

"International Disclosure Rules and Trade Policy," J. Rayburn, F. Gigler, and J. Hughes, Contemporary Accounting Research (1994).

Accounting accruals and equity security valuation

Editorial board, Accounting Review

Program Director, Department of Accounting, Carlson School of Management

Council of Liberal Education

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PhD, 1985
University of Iowa

BA, 1979
business administration
University of Iowa

BA, 1973
University of Iowa


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