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Thomas Murtha

Murtha,Thomas P

Associate Professor
Strategic Mgmt/Entrepreneurship
3-161 CarlSMgmt

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Managing New Industry Creation: Global Knowledge Formation and Entrepreneurship in High Technology. T. Murtha, S. Lenway, and J. Hart. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2001.

"How Governments Matter to New Industry Creation," T. Murtha, J. Spencer, and S. Lenway, Academy of Management Review (Apri1 2005).

"The Metanational Firm in Context: Competition in Knowledge-Driven Industries," T. Murtha, Advances in International Management (2004).

"Global Mindsets and Cognitive Shift in a Complex Multinational Corporation," T. Murtha, Strategic Management Journal (1998).

"Moving Targets: National Industrial Strategies and Embedded Innovation in the Global Flat Panel Display Industry," T. Murtha, J. Spencer, and S. Lenway, Advances in Strategic Management (1996).

"The Idea of the State in the International Management Literature," T. Murtha and S. Lenway, Journal of International Business Studies (1994).

"Country Capabilities and the Strategic State: How National Political Institutions Affect Multinational Corporations'' Strategies," T. Murtha and S. Lenway, Strategic Management Journal (1994).

"Surviving Industrial Targeting: State Credibility and Public Policy Contingencies in Multinational Subcontracting," T. Murtha, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (1991).

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Best Paper Award, International Management Division, Academy of Management, 1991

President Emeritus, The Bakken Trio

Department Editor, Technology and Innovation Area, Journal of International Business Studies

Organizational attitudes toward internationalization processes in U.S. firms

Management of innovation and new industry creation

Board President, Gold Mountain Homeowners' Association

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PhD, 1989
business administration
New York University

MA, 1983
public affairs
University of Minnesota

BA, 1973
written communication
University of Minnesota


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