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Chervany,Norman Lee

Professor, Carlson School Professor of Information & Decision Sciences
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Norman L. Chervany is the Carlson Professor of Information & Decision Sciences in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. He holds joint appointments in the Information & Decision Sciences Department the Supply Chain & Operations Department. Norm's research and teaching interests focus on people-centered issues relating to the use of technology ... both computer-based and statistical ... in organizations. In essence, he is interested in ways to improve the human/technology interface. Norm has been a faculty member in the Carlson School since 1967. During his time as a faculty member he has served as the Chair of the Management Sciences Department, the Director Executive Development Center, and the Director of MBA Programs. He currently is serving on the University's Senate Committee on Educational Policy.  Norm is a Past-President, Fellow, and Distinguished Service Honoree of the Decision Sciences Institute. He has also been awarded the Distinguished Teaching Award and the Distinguished Service Award (twice) from the Carlson School of Management. Norm holds a BS degree from the University of Mount Union and MBA and DBA degrees from Indiana University.  Finally, and most imortantly Norm is a proud husband (Carol), father (Lori & Todd), and grandfather (Kate, Joe, Connor, & Kyra).

"New Information Technology Introduction: What matters When," Susan Brown, Norman Chervany, and Brian Reinicke, Communications of the ACM (2007),

"What Trust Means in E-Commerce Relationships: An Interdisciplinary Conceptual Typology," D. Harrison McKnight and Norman L. Chervany, International Journal of Electronic Commerce (2001).

"Trust and Distrust Definitions: One Bite at a Time," D. Harrison McKnight and Norman L. Chervany, Trust in Cyber-Societies: Integrating the Human and Artificial Perspectives, eds. Rino Falcone, Munindar Singh, and Yao-Hua Tan (Springer, 2001).

"Initial Trust Formation in New Organizational Relationships," D. Harrison McKnight, Larry L. Cummings, and Norman L. Chervany, Academy of Management Review (1998).

"CASE Tools: Understanding the Reasons for Non-Use," Norman L. Chervany and Diane Lending, Computer Personnel (1998).

Definition of what general managers need to know about information technology

Building and using trust in organizational relationships

Factors affecting the adoption and use of end-user information technology

Design and management of the new information technology introduction process

Fellow, Decision Sciences Institute, 1983

Distinguished Service Award, Carlson School of Management, 2003 & 2011

Distinguished Teacher, Carlson School of Management, 2008

Excellence in Executive Education, Carlson School of Management, 1990 and 1995

President, Decision Sciences Institute, 1981-1982

Member, University Senate Committee on Educational Policy

Member, University Faculty Senate

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DBA, 1968
decision sciences
Indiana University

MBA, 1965
decision sciences
Indiana University

BS, 1963
University of Mount. Union


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