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Robert Strand

Strand,Robert Gavin

Teaching Specialist, Assistant Professor of Leadership & Sustainability, Copenhagen Business School
Carlson Global Institute
Room 2-210 CarlSMgmt

While my primary appointment is with the Copenhagen Business School, I  appreciate the opportunity to continue my close relationship with the University of Minnesota through which I instruct courses related to sustainability & corporate social responsibility and strategic management.  At the Copenhagen Business School, I also instruct coursework in leadership.

I enjoy running courses at the bachelors, Masters, Ph.D., executive and professorial levels and have a particular interest in spanning between academia and industry.  From a research perspective I am drawn to the Engaged Scholarship approach.

In addition to my appointment as Assistant Professor of Leadership & Sustainability with the Copenhagen Business School, I am Director of the Nordic Network for Sustainability based in Copenhagen.  Through this, I have aspirations to better connect U.S. researchers and practitioners to Scandinavia.  I feel a great deal of inspiration can be drawn from the cooperative approach that is more commonly found in a Scandinavian context to address our greatest social and environmental challenges.   Cooperation between business, government, and civil society is desperately needed where I see the ability to cross traditional boundaries and cooperatively address issues of poverty, disease, human rights abuses, worker safety, water shortages, resource depletion, environmental degradation, climate change and the vast suite of associated "wicked problems" as our great leadership challenge and opportunity.

When we are not in Scandinavia, my wife Sarah and I are happy to call Minneapolis our home.

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Strand, R. 2009. Corporate Responsibility in Scandinavian Supply Chains. Journal of Business Ethics. 85: 179-185.

Strand, R. 2008. The Stakeholder Dashboard. Greener Management International: The Journal of Corporate Environmental Strategy and Practice. 54: 23-36.

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Ph.D., 2012
Corporate Social Responsibility
Copenhagen Business School

Fulbright Scholar, 2005-06
Sustainability & Social Responsibility
Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU)

MBA, 2005
International Business
University of Minnesota

Bachelors of Science, 1999
Industrial Engineering
University of Wisconsin


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