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Gordon Duke

Duke,Gordon Leon

Associate Professor
Carlson, Accounting
3-105 CarlSMgmt

Gordon Duke received his PhD in business administration and accounting from the University of Georgia, where he also earned his MBA. His expertise lies in the fields of accounting systems and statistics and quantitative methods and his current research is on statistical inference in a strategic environment. He has been published in Applications of Management Science, Auditing, The Accounting Review, and the Journal of Accounting Research.

"Statistical Inference on Estimates of Accounting Values and Optimal Auditor Decisions," G. Duke and J. Hughes, Applications of Management Science (1990).

"On Robustness of Model-Based Sampling in Auditing," G. Duke, C. Ko, C. Nachtsheim, and A. Bailey, Auditing (1988).

"Behavior of Text Statistics in the Auditing Environment: An Empirical Study," G. Duke, R. Leitch, and J. Neter, American Accounting Association Studies in Accounting Research (1985).

"TICOM and the Analysis of Internal Controls," G. Duke, A. Bailey, J. Gerlach, C. Ko, R. Meservy, and A. Whinston, The Accounting Review (1985).

"Power Characteristics of Test Statistics in the Auditing Environment: An Empirical Study," G. Duke, J. Neter, and R. Leitch, Journal of Accounting Research (1982).

Statistical inference in a strategic environment

Grievance Committee, Carlson School of Management

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PhD, 1980
business administration and accounting
University of Georgia

MBA, 1975

University of Georgia

BS, 1969
aerospace engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology


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