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Stefanie Lenway

Lenway,Stefanie A

Carlson, Mgmt Ofc of the Dean
4-300L CarlSMgmt

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"Stock Price Effects on U.S. Trade Policy Responses to Japanese Practices in Semiconductors," with J. Hughes and J. Rayburn, The Canadian Journal of Economics, pp. 922-42, November 1997

"Technonationalism and Cooperation in a Globalized Industry: The Case of Flat Panel Displays," with J. Hart and T. Murtha, in A. Prakash and J. Hart (eds.), Coping with Globalization, Routledge, chapter 5, 2000

"Flying Geese as Moving Targets: Are Korea and Taiwan Catching up with Japan in Advanced Displays," with G. Linden, J. Hart and T. Murtha, Industry and Innovation, 1998

"Global Mindsets and Cognitive Shift in a Complex Multinational Corporation," with T. Murtha and R. Bagozzi, Strategic Management Journal, pp. 97-114, February 1998

"How Governments Matter to New Industry Creation, with Jennifer Wynn Spencer and Tom Murtha, in Academy of Management Review, 2005

Managing New Industry Creation, Stanford University Press, 2001, with Tom Murtha and Jeffrey Hart

This individual is not scheduled to teach in the last, current, or next term.

Vice President at Program Chair, Academy of International Business, 1998-00

New industry creation


Social Issues in Management, Division Chair, 1997-98

Curtis Cup Teaching Award, Carlson Executive MBA Program

Technology management

Univ. of Minnesota, McKnight Land Grant Professor, 1988-91

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PhD, 1982
Business and Public Policy
Univ. of California-Berkeley

MBA, 1979

Univ. of California-Berkeley

MA, 1974
Political Science

AB, 1972
Univ. of California-Santa Cruz


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