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Our program gives students a hands-on experience in the investment management field by giving them full responsibility of portfolio management.

The Carlson Funds Enterprise plays a large role in connecting students with professionals in the local finance community. The program enables students to gain more insight into the different financial careers available to them throughout the industry and students that graduate from the CFE program often have a better idea of what they want to do after graduation than most finance students.

'A Day in the Life' SeriesA Day in the Life

As students get closer to graduation, they start thinking about the different career paths they wish to pursue and continue to look for resources to help them through their search. The CFE provides valuable resources to students about the different types of jobs available to them and new to our pool of resources is a series entitled "A Day in the Life." This series gives a quick and honest look at what our analysts would experience on a typical day, should they choose to pursue a particular type of career. View our booklet online.


Popular careers for undergraduates involved with the CFE include:

Areas of Interest Roles Companies

Investment Management
Hedge Funds
Private Equity
Sales & Trading
Investment Banking

Financial Analyst
Financial Consultant
Financial Strategist
Commercial Banker
Corporate Finance
Money Managers
Financial Planners
Financial Real Estate
Venture Capital Analyst
Portfolio Specialist

Ameriprise Financial
Federated Insurance
General Mills
Piper Jaffray
US Bank
Wells Fargo

Full List of Companies

For more information on careers in any of these fields, please visit the Undergraduate Business Career Center.

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