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GEMBA residencyDuring a week-long, intensive International Residency program in May, the students in the China and Vienna Executive MBA programs participate together in one of the final courses of their degree program on the Carlson School campus in Minnesota.

As students interact with executives at leading Minnesota companies and with top Carlson School faculty during academic course sessions, they bring together all they have learned throughout their degree program. Students benefit from dynamic conversations with Executive MBA colleagues from around the world as they compare and contrast business practices and cultures. In addition to the academic rigor of the International Residency program, students have the opportunity to explore the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and to experience student life on the University of Minnesota campus.

The International Residency culminates in the students' Virtual Team Project presentations at the end of the week, followed by the Carlson School Graduate commencement ceremony, an opportunity to participate in a traditional U.S. graduation ceremony. The Executive MBA students then will begin their transition from student to alumnus of the Carlson School and the University of Minnesota—the next stage in their lifelong membership in the Carlson and University of Minnesota families.

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