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GEMBA Residency programWhy a Global Executive MBA Program at Carlson?

To become tomorrow's leader in international business, you need both the theory and real-world experience required to work within complex, competitive, and ever-changing economies. You need both an edge to set yourself apart and the business connections that will help you build a global network. This is exactly what our Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) programs are uniquely designed to deliver:

Expert faculty. With a breadth of knowledge in numerous industries and recognition for their teaching excellence and intensive research around the world, our talented faculty members travel to the various MBA programs to bring their expertise to students.

Academic rigor. Students in our Global Executive MBA programs are subject to the same demanding selection criteria and high academic standards of our local MBA programs. The MBA degree awarded to GEMBA students is the same highly-regarded and well-deserved credential.

Local context. While all of our programs feature contemporary business topics, both Carlson School and partner university faculty are free to customize course content according to what's pertinent locally. Students from China, Austria, and surrounding countries benefit from faculty who are versatile in their teaching and research.

Diverse student perspectives. Because they come from different countries, industries, and positions, Carlson GEMBA students bring a range of experiences to the classroom and online learning environment. Students are able to compare and contrast their own business, economic, and cultural contexts with other perspectives.

An international network. The Virtual Team Project and Integrated Residency components of the GEMBA programs offer unparalleled opportunities to build lasting relationships that become the basis for a global business network.

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Carlson School faculty serve as instructors in our Global Executive MBA programs in Austria and China, in conjunction with faculty from the host university.

"Interacting with Vienna Executive MBA students has allowed me to grow as an instructor. They're highly sophisticated executives with incredible international experience."

—Professor Christopher Nachtsheim, Operations & Management Science

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At Carlson, our up-to-date facilities and technology and our research priorities reflect our commitment to build an environment that advances critical thinking and the application of new knowledge.

We believe that access to cutting edge technology and resources enables students to function at their highest level and to compete as business leaders in the global marketplace.

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