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Deluxe E-ternship Program

2014 Spring Semester Part-time Paid Internships with Leading Entrepreneurial Companies

The Deluxe E-ternship Program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to become members of high-potential entrepreneurial teams. At the same time, the program provides early stage-companies with student resources for cross-functional projects. Projects can range from market research to evaluation of new products/services/markets to business planning to support for the launch of a new venture.

Program Goals

  • Apply the student's entrepreneurship coursework in a real-world environment
  • Test the student's interest and capability in an early-stage venture
  • Gain first-hand exposure to an entrepreneur as they build their business
  • Prepare the student to make an informed career decision

The internship is jointly funded by the participating entrepreneurial company and the Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship. We require 165 hours of work by the student. The company pays $6/hour (up to a maximum of $1,000) and the Holmes Center matches an additional $6/hour.

Contact Melissa Kjolsing at (612) 625-9808 or


Students should have junior/senior standing.

Student Selection Criteria

Selection will be based upon demonstrated passion for entrepreneurship, leadership skills, and academic record. Students participating in the entrepreneurial programs and curriculum will receive preference.

Company Selection Criteria

We are seeking local entrepreneurial firms with great leaders willing to invest time with our students. Projects should be cross-functional in nature and provide the student with a perspective across the business. Preferred projects include researching new markets, conducting market research, evaluating new products/services, supporting general business planning efforts or otherwise supporting the launch of a new venture. The objective is to add value to the company while providing a positive learning environment for the student.

Selection Schedule

Students submit their applications by Nov. 10 (businesses by Nov. 10). Students are presented with business opportunities Nov. 15. The top 5 student preferences are due on Nov. 25. Selections are finalized and students communicate with business by Dec. 6. Each selected student is committed to 10–15 hours per week during spring semester (mid-January through April).

Application and Attachment Checklist

  • Copy of University transcripts (unofficial transcripts are fine)
  • 1–2 page resume
  • A typewritten, 1–2 page cover letter explaining (1) how you will benefit from this opportunity, (2) what type of project you are most interested in, (3) what type of business or industry you are most interested in, and (4) your qualifications to be a successful candidate

Please submit your application online via The Edge job posting 86553 – Deluxe E-ternship Program. Non-Carlson students can e-mail the above materials to Melissa Kjolsing at

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