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Arrival and Orientation — Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Fall Semester 2010: September 7 to December 22 (including final exams)
  • Spring Semester 2011: January 18 to May 14 (including final exams)

All exchange students must attend the welcome program before the semester starts. The official arrival day will be one day before the beginning of the welcome program. The Carlson Global Institute office will notify you of the official arrival day and any subsequent updates.

Official arrival dates can be found in the Incoming Exchange Students Arrival page.

The welcome program will begin the morning following the offiical arrival day.

Due to frequency of flight delays in the United States, students are encouraged to consider arriving 1-2 days before the official arrival day (but not later).

Students on J-1 visas can enter the US before the program starts. Check with your nearest U.S. Embassy for details. The Carlson Global Institute office can arrange early housing before the fall semester, but we advise students not to arrive early for the spring semester. If you're planning to arrive before the official arrival date, please inform the Carlson Global Institute office.
All students must attend the welcome program, and we strongly discourage late arrivals. In addition to social events, there are a number of important sessions and programs that will help you succeed and enjoy your semester in Minnesota. If you can't arrive by the official arrival day, you must contact the Carlson Global Institute office.

Plan on flying into the Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport. Many international airlines fly directly to Minneapolis. Flights also connect in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York before continuing on to Minneapolis. We recommend that you plan to arrive during normal business hours. On-campus housing has 24-hour check-in service, but private units may not.

Before the semester begins, the Carlson Global Institute office will provide you with specific information on traveling from the airport to student housing. You should go directly to your arranged housing (or early-arrival accommodations) to check in and store your belongings. We will provide you with information on activities and next steps.
Be sure to attend the welcome program to learn about all of the opportunities available to you at the University of Minnesota. You'll meet fellow exchange students and Carlson Global Institute staff, get ready for classes, and have a great time.

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