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Studying at the Carlson School is a sound investment. As an exchange student, you'll find the Twin Cities to be a safe, exciting, affordable urban environment. Although the exchange program covers tuition and most fees, you are responsible for additional costs. On average, students should budget approximately $9,600 for their studies.

Housing $4,500/semester (depends on choice)
Meals $1,300/semester
Books and materials $500/semester
Health insurance $1000/semester
SEVIS fee $200
Entertainment and household items $2,000
Transportation $100/semester (U-pass)
Total $9,600

* Please note: These costs are based on the 2013–2014 school year.

Health Insurance

All international students attending the University of Minnesota are required to enroll in the University Student Health Benefit Plan. The cost is approximately $990 per semester. Further details can be found at the Office of Student Health Benefits.

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One Stop is the one stop for all information that University students may need. Register for classes, view a schedule, download forms, look for financial aid, and more.

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