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Off-Campus Housing

We strongly recommend that you secure housing before arrival. If you do not reserve housing in advance, you must arrive in Minneapolis early to find suitable accommodations. The Carlson School Welcome Program is a mandatory program, and you will not be allowed to skip sessions for apartment visits and lease signings.

Here are some resources and things to consider if you are looking for housing off campus:


  • Off-campus housing accommodations vary widely in cost and quality. Review your options carefully before making your off-campus housing decision.
  • Most apartments offer 9- or 12-month leases. It can be difficult to find an apartment for just one semester.
  • Keep in mind that it is difficult and expensive to be released from a housing contract or apartment lease.
  • The Carlson Global Institute office is limited in its ability to help you with off-campus housing. You will need to apply directly to the housing office or manager of the apartment.
  • Apartments and dorm rooms are often furnished, but typically will not have everything you will need during your stay. For example, TVs, pots and pans, dishes and linens are usually NOT included with your apartment or dorm.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

  • University of Minnesota Off-Campus Housing offers resources for finding housing near the university.
  • RentWhatYouNeed is a local service designed specifically for exchange students offering the option to rent most key household items and have them delivered and picked up at the end of the semester.

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