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During the past century, Joseph M. Juran put forth a vision for a world made better through a commitment to quality. His message urged leaders to improve quality by learning from both our achievements and shortcomings, and by expanding the field through our curiosity.

From Dr. Juran's vision for a Century of Quality emerged the Joseph M. Juran Center for Research in Supply Chain, Operations, and Quality at the University of Minnesota. The Juran Research Center is a repository for past developments in the field of leadership in quality, as well as a generator of new research, new ideas, and new scholars.

The Carlson School of Management, where the Joseph Research Center is housed, understands the importance of research and teaching in quality, and is committed to being a place where world leaders in quality come to think and contribute. The Center's unique position in an academic setting has helped develop its reputation as a disciplined, rigorous champion of development in the quality field. The Center serves as a resource to leaders, scholars, and students of quality.

The Joseph M. Juran Center for Research in Supply Chain, Operations, and Quality is engaged in a number of endeavors to advance theory and practice of quality leadership: 1) through its fellowship program supporting doctoral research within and beyond the University of Minnesota, 2) its continuing program of research conducted and disseminated by scholars in partnership throughout the world, and 3) a body of knowledge repository of its scholarly contributions. In these ways the center continues to steward the evolution of Dr. Juran's vision for a Century of Quality.

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