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Women's Leadership Retreat builds solidarity amid economic challenges

Our second Minnesota Union Women's Leadership Retreat was a success, with more than 100 women, most of them union members, gathered in late April for learning and networking.

The theme was "Coming Together to Build a Better Future." Participants learned about the economic challenges facing workers — especially women — and discussed ways to bridge racial and generational differences to achieve solidarity. Read more about the retreat on Workday Minnesota. Ashley Christenson of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota produced a wonderful video about the retreat.


Participant Program Agenda 2011 MN Union Women's Leadership Retreat

Timeline of Women’s Labor History

Opening Session

Presentation on the Economy by Kris Jacobs of the JOBS NOW Coalition

Fact Sheet: Working Women and the State's Wage Gap (pdf)

Website: JOBS NOW Coalition

Opening Reception Website: Law firm of Sieben Grose Von Holtum & Carey

"Understanding Generations" by Jane Jopling

Report by the Berger-Marks Foundation: Stepping Up, Stepping Back — Women Activists 'Talk Union' Across Generations

Website: Berger-Marks Foundation


Talking Economics in Your Union


Minnesota Job_vacancy (pdf)

Family_Supporting_Wage (pdf)

Minimum_Wage (pdf)


JOBS NOW Coalition

Workday Minnesota


Building Women's Power in the Global Economy


"Nothing Short of a Revolution: Reflections on the Global Women's Movement" (pdf) by Kavita Nandini Ramdas

"What is Neoliberalism?"(pdf) by Elizabeth Martinez and Arnoldo


Organizing for Work/Life Balance


One Sick Child Away from Being Fired (pdf)

Closing Sessions

"War on public employee unions is an assault on women" by Glenda Holste


Save Saturday Delivery

I Raise My Hand for public education

SEIU Healthcare Minnesota




Let's Get Social!

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