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Research in marketing at the Carlson School is thought-provoking and influential. In the past decade our professors have ranked among the top cited in the nation. Provocative topics ranging from how to define "green" to how to establish fair pricing strategies are framing the conversation for national and international media. Sought out for expert opinions, new insights, and predictions for "what's next," the marketing faculty at the Carlson School possess a prescient and sharp understanding of the vital issues and trends shaping our field.

Carlson faculty are go-to experts for highly respected news organizations like The Economist, The New York Times, BusinessWeek, TIME magazine, National Public Radio, The Wall Street Journal, and the BBC.

Expertise by Topic

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Professor Rohini Ahluwalia

Professor Michael J. Houston

Assistant Professor Maria Ana Vitorino

Assistant Professor Linli Xu

Advertising effectiveness - Assistant Professor Linli Xu

Marketing communications and persuasion - Professor Joan Meyers-Levy

Negative advertising - Professor Rohini Ahluwalia

Political advertising

Analytical and Behavoiral Modeling

Behavioral modeling in marketing - Associate Professor Tony Cui

Development of empirical models for dynamic choice processes - Assistant Professor Rachel Shacham

Empirical modeling in marketing - Assistant Professor Linli Xu

Brands and Brand Management

Senior Lecturer Jay Lipe

Brand concept maps - Professor Barbara Loken

Brand equity and brand extensions - Professor Deborah Roedder John


Private labels and store brands - Professor Mark E. Bergen

Business to Business Markets

Professor Mark E. Bergen

Senior Lecturer Jay Lipe

Industrial marketing - Professor George John

Cognitive Neuroscience
Professor Akshay R. Rao

Competitive strategies

Conspicuous Consumption
Associate Professor Vladas Griskevicius
Consumer Behavior

Professor Michael J. Houston

Professor Deborah Roedder John

Professor Barbara Loken

Professor Joan Meyers-Levy

Children's consumer behavior - Professor Deborah Roedder John

Consumer information processing and psychology - Professor Joan Meyers-Levy

Consumer psychology

Consumer search - Assistant Professor Maria Ana Vitorino

Judgment and decision making - Professor Akshay R. Rao

Motivation and emotion - Associate Professor Vladas Griskevicius

Negative information effects in the marketplace - Professor Rohini Ahluwalia

Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

Professor Michael J. Houston

Associate Professor Carlos Torelli

Cultural effects in marketing

Consumer Spending and Money Perceptions

Problems with spending - Professor Kathleen D. Vohs

Psychology of money - Professor Kathleen D. Vohs

Consumer Wellness

Dieting and disordered eating - Professor Kathleen D. Vohs

Drivers of vice consumption - Assistant Professor Rachel Shacham

Encouraging healthy eating - Assistant Professor Joseph P. Redden

Health promotion - Professor Barbara Loken

Heterosexual sexual relations as predicted by economic principles - Professor Kathleen D. Vohs

Distribution Channels

Professor Mark E. Bergen

Associate Professor Tony Cui

Professor George John

Evolutionary Psychology and Biology
Associate Professor Vladas Griskevicius
Gender and Diversity Issues

Gender differences

Gender differences in information processing - Professor Joan Meyers-Levy

Gray Markets
Professor Mark E. Bergen
High-Tech Marketing
Professor George John
International Marketing

Global branding - Associate Professor Carlos Torelli

Global marketing and branding

Legal Topics

Marketing of intellectual property - Professor George John

Regulation - Assistant Professor Maria Ana Vitorino


Marketing-Operations Interfaces
Associate Professor Tony Cui
Marketing Strategy/Planning

Marketing strategy

Ways to reduce the effects of satiation (boredom) - Assistant Professor Joseph P. Redden

Product Development

Senior Lecturer Jay Lipe

Effects of product variety on serving sizes and consumption - Assistant Professor Joseph P. Redden

Entry strategies - Assistant Professor Maria Ana Vitorino

Maximizing liking (without changing the product) - Assistant Professor Joseph P. Redden

New products - Assistant Professor Rachel Shacham

Pricing Strategies


Gas prices - Professor Akshay R. Rao

Retail Marketing
Professor Michael J. Houston


Self-processes such as self-esteem - Professor Kathleen D. Vohs

Social Influence and Persuasion


Social influence and social norms - Associate Professor Vladas Griskevicius

Sustainability and Green Marketing

Associate Professor Vladas Griskevicius

Professor Akshay R. Rao

Visual Marketing

Professor Joan Meyers-Levy

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