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ACCT 5125 Auditing Principles and Procedures
ACCT 5135 Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax
ACCT 5160 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 5236 Introduction to Taxation of Business
ACCT 5310 International Accounting
ACCT 6160 Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions, and Derivatives
ACCT 8001 Internal Control
ACCT 8002 Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Standard Setting
BLAW 6158 The Law of Contracts and Agency
FINA 6121 Debt Markets, Interest Rates, and Hedging
FINA 6241 Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions
FINA 6242 Advanced Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions
FINA 6341 World Economy
FINA 6522 Introduction to Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
IDSC 6471 Knowledge Management
MBA 6120 Data Analysis and Statistics for Managers
MBA 6315 The Ethical Environment of Business
MBT 5200 Tax Accounting Methods and Periods
MBT 5220 Tax Research, Communication, and Practice
MBT 5230 Corporate Taxation I
MBT 5346 ASC 740 Computations and Analysis
MBT 5370 Taxation of Property Transactions
MBT 5500 Business, Government, and Economic Tax Policy
MKTG 6055 Buyer Behavior
SCO 6041 Project Management
SCO 6059 Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma

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