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HRIR 5022 Managing Diversity
HRIR 5023 Employment and Labor Law for the HRIR Professional
HRIR 5061 Public Policies on Work and Pay
HRIR 5062 Personnel Economics
HRIR 8000 Graduate Topics in Human Resources and Industrial Relations
HRIR 8011 Using Data and Metrics in Human Resources and Industrial Relations
HRIR 8014 Human Resource Information Systems
HRIR 8023 International Human Resource Management
HRIR 8034 Employee Development: Creating a Competitive Advantage
HRIR 8044 Motivation and Work Behavior in Contemporary Organizations
HRIR 8051 Compensation and Benefits
HRIR 8053 Employer-Sponsored Employee Benefit Programs
HRIR 8071 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
HRIR 8141 Organizational Theory Foundations of High-Impact HRIR
HRIR 8241 Organizational Behavior Foundations of High-Impact HRIR
MBA 6110 Management and Organizational Behavior
MGMT 1001 Contemporary Management
MGMT 1001H Honors: Contemporary Management
MGMT 6004 Negotiation Strategies
MGMT 6084 Management of Groups

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