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ACCT 6100 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 6160 Accounting for Mergers and Acquisitions, and Derivatives
BLAW 6158 The Law of Contracts and Agency
ENTR 6020 Business Formation
ENTR 6021 Preparing and Implementing the Business Plan
ENTR 6037 Corporate Venturing
ENTR 6041 Initiating New Product Design and Business Development
FINA 6121 Debt Markets, Interest Rates, and Hedging
FINA 6241 Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions
FINA 6242 Advanced Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions
FINA 6321 Portfolio Analysis and Management
FINA 6323 Advanced Financial Modeling
FINA 6341 World Economy
FINA 6522 Introduction to Derivatives and Financial Risk Management
IDSC 6040 Information Technology Management
IDSC 6435 Business Process Excellence
IDSC 6471 Knowledge Management
IDSC 6481 Managerial Decision Making
MBA 6030 Financial Accounting
MBA 6035 Managerial Accounting
MBA 6110 Management and Organizational Behavior
MBA 6120 Data Analysis and Statistics for Managers
MBA 6140 Managerial Economics
MBA 6150 Managerial Communications
MBA 6210 Marketing Management
MBA 6220 Operations Management
MBA 6230 Financial Management
MBA 6300 Strategic Management
MBA 6315 The Ethical Environment of Business
MCOM 5500 Enhancing Your Executive Image in Business Communications
MGMT 6004 Negotiation Strategies
MGMT 6031 Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategy
MGMT 6032 Strategic Alliances
MGMT 6033 Managing the Strategy Process
MGMT 6034 Strategic Leadership
MGMT 6040 International Strategy and Organization
MGMT 6050 Management of Innovation and Change
MGMT 6084 Management of Teams
MGMT 6085 Corporate Strategy
MGMT 6100 Topics in Management
MGMT 6305 The International Environment of Business
MGMT 6402 Integrative Leadership: From Theory to Practice
MILI 6562 Information Technology in Health Care
MILI 6726 Medical Device Industry: Business and Public Policy
MILI 6990 The Health Care Marketplace
MILI 6995 Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory
MILI 6996 Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory II
MKTG 6051 Marketing Research
MKTG 6055 Buyer Behavior
MKTG 6072 International Marketing
MKTG 6075 Pricing Strategy
MKTG 6078 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 6088 Strategic Marketing
SCO 6041 Project Management
SCO 6051 Service Management
SCO 6059 Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma
SCO 6850 Topics in Operations and Management Science
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"The professional network I devloped at the Carlson School, along with the strong business acumen gained through the comprehensive curriculum, has already proven to be a key driver in my success."

Jolene Herrmann, Sourcing Product Manager, Target Corporation, Part-Time MBA 2009


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