Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory

Most classes don't begin with a boot camp, but the Medical Industry Valuation Lab isn't your average class: it's at least one semester of experience, insight, and transformation for students and inventors alike.

MILI's Valuation Laboratory brings together graduate students from Carlson School of Management, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science and Engineering, the Law School, and the Academic Health Center; faculty with both academic credentials and practical industry experience; and industry innovators who get a top-to-bottom analysis of their medical technology invention and its prospects in the market.

Enrolled students are assigned to two teams: a project team and a discipline team. The project team will complete evaluations on a quick timeline and are comprised of students across academic units (CSOM, IT, CLA, Medicine). The discipline team will be based on expertise and will be generally aligned with the students' collegiate program. After weeks of intellectual inquiry, the students prepare a mock client presentation for faculty critique, and as the project closes they give final recommendations to their inventors. By completing a rapid production market analysis of promising medical technologies and services in three project cycles to determine potential for success in the marketplace, students gain exposure to University innovations, venture firms, and inventors.

The Valuation Lab is an intense experience but it's worth it for everyone involved. Faculty members put their industry knowledge and research to work and students gain dynamic experience that leaves them uniquely prepared for leadership roles in an ever-evolving industry. Enrollment is permitted in the laboratory up to three semesters, but only one semester of participation is required.

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"The Medical Industry Valuation Laboratory course is very helpful in promoting the growth of new healthcare and other enterprises in the State of Minnesota, which is extremely important, given that these businesses are a major source of good quality new jobs."

--Kevin Roche, JD, MBA

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