Inventors and Customers

Innovation is a driving force that improves the quality of life. In the last centry, much of the increase in life expectancy can be attributed to public health innovations and accomplishments. The MILI Valuation Laboratory provides clients (i.e., entrepreneurs, industry firms, University and non-university researchers, and investors) with a secure environment where unbiased market assessments of their innovative technologies can be conducted to determine potential for market success.

The Basics

  • There is never a shortage of inventive ideas
  • There is a shortage of seed funds to initiate the idea
  • The FDA can be unpredictable
  • The cycle from conception to market is longer compared to other industries
  • Later stage funding tends to be emphasized
  • Medical Software Investing is growing

What Can Customers Get?

Comprehensive evaluations of inventions based on key indicators

  • Technology
  • Intellectual Property
  • Market
  • Regulatory
  • Reimbursement
  • Clinical Study
  • Management
  • Finances

More Than Just Student Work

  • With collaboration between eight different college across the University of Minnesota campus you're getting more than just one area of focus. Under the watchful eye of experienced industry professionals students have the opportunity to get real world experience and you end up with a detailed, impartial analysis and report that can be brought to investors.
  • In 3-4 weeks, a final project will provide inventors with a 15-page market assessment and presentation that examines issues such as market size, regulatory approvals, financial return, and intellectual properties. Not only does the lab provide an evaluation that greatly benefits the inventor, it prepares students for leadership roles in the medical industry, and also has the potential to benefit Minnesota's economic development, keeping Minnesota a leader in medical innovations.

Price to have your device comprehensively evaluated in just a few short weeks - $15,000

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