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GopherBusiness Alum Named KARE "Academic All-Star"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

GopherBusiness Alum Named KARE "Academic All-Star"

OSSEO, Minn -- I'm not making excuses, but I learned how to play chess in the 3rd grade.

I was 9-years old, and the year was 1972. Chess fever hit America after Bobby Fischer wrested the world championship from Russian chess master Boris Spassky in a series of games that was just the latest in a series of Cold War battles between east and west.

Kathryn Hildebrand wouldn't be born for another two decades, and at the same time that Kate was growing to become a proud member of the Osseo High School chess club, my chess game would be accumulating nearly four decades of rust. Hence, my well-placed apprehension about squaring off with Kate on the chess board.

Read and view the rest of the story from KARE here.

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