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Monday, May 06, 2013

"Transferring Western Management Knowledge to China: Perceptions of Graduates from an American Executive MBA Program" by Professor Mahmood Zaidi and Thomas Norman, '07 PhD, has been published in Frontiers of Business Research in China, Vol 7, No 1 (2013).

This paper, which focuses on the pedagogical aspects of the transfer of Western management knowledge from the U.S. to China, is a further extension of Zaidi's research into global executive MBA programs, which goes back to his book, Polish American MBA at the Warsaw School of Economics: Lessons Learned from an International Partnership, published in 2000. This book, co-authored with Aleksander Sulejewicz, contains an account of how the Carlson School developed and successfully delivered its first Executive MBA program in Warsaw, Poland. This program was the first offshore graduate degree in the history of the University of Minnesota.

This work was followed by Beyond MBA: Management Education in Transitional Economies in 2010. Also co-authored with Sulejewicz, Beyond MBA argued why emerging economies like Poland need to focus on institutionalizing management education by developing full-fledged management schools with a globally competitive faculty instead of just concentrating on various kinds of MBA degrees.

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