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Monday, July 08, 2013

The Carlson School of Management honors graduating students who earn a GPA of 3.85 or higher in master's coursework with the distinction of Carlson Scholar. The following 2012-13 graduates of the Carlson School of Management achieved the distinction of Carlson Scholar. Congratulations!

Gretchen Agee - Full-Time MBA

Scott Albrecht - Part-Time MBA

Juliana Alvarenga - Full-Time MBA

Carolyn Banks - Full-Time MBA

Sarah Breit - Part-Time MBA

Cynthia Bush - Part-Time MBA

Joshua Carlson - Part-Time MBA

Michael Copa - Part-Time MBA

Jacqueline DeBuse - Part-Time MBA

Valerie Dolejsi - Part-Time MBA

Amy Erickson - Part-Time MBA

Angela Gilchrist - Part-Time MBA

Richard Harrington - Full-Time MBA

Ryan Heinz - Part-Time MBA

Mandy Hopmann - Part-Time MBA

Andrew Hyde - Part-Time MBA

Jennifer Kamstra - Part-Time MBA

Erik Knight - Part-Time MBA

Christopher McCammon - Part-Time MBA

Gabriel McMurtry - Full-Time MBA

Christina Oasheim - Part-Time MBA

Brandon Palmen - Full-Time MBA

Nathan Petersen-Kindem - Part-Time MBA

Joshua Pettersen - Part-Time MBA

Jacob Phillips - Part-Time MBA

Anna Piermantier - Part-Time MBA

Kevin Pisca - Part-Time MBA

Jeremy Resch - Part-Time MBA

Vincent Roczniak - Part-Time MBA

Brian Roth - Full-Time MBA

Joseph Shelerud - Part-Time MBA

Kate Swanson - Part-Time MBA

Matthew Thornton - Part-Time MBA

Nicholas Torman - Full-Time MBA

Maria Trush - Full-Time MBA

Elizabeth Turchin - Part-Time MBA

Jason VanBuren - Part-Time MBA

Gregory Vierling - Part-Time MBA

Willis Weirich - Part-Time MBA

Feng Yue - CHEMBA

Jeffrey Yue Junfeng - CHEMBA

Biljana Dimitrievska - VEMBA

Andreas Huber - VEMBA

Philipp Kampas - VEMBA

Mathias Maierhofer - VEMBA

Lisa Bachman - MA-HRIR

Rebecca Bergner - MA-HRIR

Kylie Breiling - MA-HRIR

Melissa Burckhardt - MA-HRIR

Youngsang Choi - MA-HRIR

Emily Ehlebracht- MA-HRIR

Marilyn Kern - MA-HRIR

Jillian McDonald - MA-HRIR

Monika Milistver - MA-HRIR

Lucas O'Brien - MA-HRIR

Sara Pook - MA-HRIR

Eric Popp - MA-HRIR

Julia Schulte - MA-HRIR

Jennifer Theisen-Axelrod - MA-HRIR

Yueming Xin - MA-HRIR

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