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Gopher Gatherings Around the Globe

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Staying in touch with colleagues and former classmates has become much easier thanks to the prevalence of social media, but sometimes, nothing beats an old-fashioned in-person get together. And, four separate groups of HRIR alumni have done just that over the summer.

Alums and friends who attended the MA-IR program in the mid-1980's gathered in Minneapolis in June in part to help one of their own celebrate: Ned Van Dellen completed the final paperwork needed to graduate and was officially granted his degree. Joining him in the festivities were, (below, back row from left), Martha Rice, Ellen Carey, Teresa Rogers, Ned Van Dellen, Sherry Mattila, Pam Chaffee; and (front row from left), Gail Blackstone, Susan Payne, Linda Jancaric and Kathy Bonneville.
Photo1-Martha Rice.jpg

Across the globe in Seoul, Korea, several MA-HRIR and PhD-HRIR alumni gathered in early July to catch up with each other, and to welcome three incoming students to the MA-HRIR program. Posing with some Gopher "swag" are (below, from left front) Youngman Lee, Kyungwon Park, Wonjun Kwak, Hyukseung Yang, Doyun Kim, and Changwook Jung; and (from right front), Jaewoo Jung, Junglim Lee (incoming student), Chinsuk Lee, Hacheong Yoon (incoming student), and Sueoun Jung (incoming student). In attendance but not pictured were Junhyuck Park and Changsung Kim.
Photo2-Korean Alum Event.jpg

In Seattle, alumni and interns working at Microsoft met for a Gopher Gathering in late July. Pictured are (below, from left), intern Anna Huang; alumni Sakun Ganason, Nicole Luniewski, Kevin Mottram, Francine Barley, RJ Jadhav, and Vineta Pilscikova; intern Devika Bhagwat; and alumni Sia Lo, Meghann McKee Albertson, Priya Priyardarshini and Chuck Edward.
Photo3-Microsoft.jpg And, halfway back across the continent, alumni who began the HRIR program in the mid-1990's got together in St. Paul for a chance to visit with each other and see former faculty. Pictured are (from left), Professor Emeritus Ross Azevedo, alumni Rebecca Magistad, Steve Lewis, Nancy Beck, Dave Dahlgren, Michelle Mann, Ben Crockett, Tony Bergmann-Porter, Heather Lindberg, Mina Ozturk, Jan Webster and Christina Bayer. In attendance but not pictured were alumni John Hauge and Alan Browne, and Professor Emeritus John Remington.

If you are interested in getting together with a group of your former classmates, drop us a note at; we'll be happy to help!

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