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2013 Multidisciplinary Academic Research Summit Conference highlights PhD research

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Thirty nine students attended the third annual Multidisciplinary Academic Research Summit Conference on July 24. The conference featured seven presentations by current Carlson School PhD students, representing each of the School's PhD concentrations: accounting, finance, information and decision sciences, marketing, strategic management and entrepreneurship, and work and organizations.

Two awards honored the best presentations: Ryan Rahinel from the Marketing Department won first place, while George Ball of Supply Chain and Operations earned second place.

The presentations were as follows:

Xin Dai (accounting, 6th year student): "Did Regulation Fair Disclosure Reduce Institutional Investors' Ability to Mimic Profitable Insider Trades?"

Hongda Zhong (finance, 4th year student): "Bank Run and Risk Shifting"

Loxley Wang (IDSc, 6th year student): "Motivating a Crowdsourced Workforce in Online Marketplaces for Work"

Ryan Rahinel (Mktg, 6th year student): "Price as a Changeable Attribute: How and Why Attention Mindsets Affect Price Information Weighting"

Florence Honore (SME, 5th year student): "Geek Minds Think Alike: Team Composition and Performance in Technological Spinouts"

George Ball (SCO, 4th year student): "Inspections, Recalls and Auditors: Process Quality Information in Medical Device Manufacturing"

John-Gabriel Light (WOrg, 4th year student): "Unethical Behavior for Self or Collective Benefit: The Role of Self Construal"

The conference also featured a Job Market Panel question and answer session featuring faculty members Rohini Ahluwalia, Rachna Shah, and Tracy Yue Wang, along with recent grads Yinghao Zhang and Paola Malluci.

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