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What is Business Board?

Our primary goals are to:

Be the Voice - We are here to act as the voice of the student body, representing your interests in conversations with Carlson administration.

Inform the Students - Business Board strives to provide a forum in which important information about Carlson policy, student initiatives, and student-group activities can be conveyed.

Help with Student Needs - We're here for you! If you see anything that could be improved around this school, let us know--if we can't help, we'll figure out who can.


  • General Body Meeting
    Wednesday, March 12, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. - CSOM 1-149
    Student organizations can learn how to become a non-profit, what that means, and how U-Finance can help.
  • Price is Right
    This legendary Business Week event is based on the iconic game show. Come on down and join us!

  • Dean's Forum
    Wednesday, April 16, 5:30 p.m. - CSOM 1-147
    This is a chance for students to ask the Deans of the Undergraduate Program questions and hear about the future of the undergraduate program.


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Executive Board

2013 - 14 Executive Board

Kelsey Wise, President

Kelsey WiseYear in School: Senior
Major(s): Finance
Minor(s): Accounting and Design
Favorite Place on Campus: Carlson Cafeteria

Chloe Edwards, Vice President

Chloe EdwardsYear in School: Junior
Major(s): Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management
Minor(s): Mass Communications
Favorite Place on Campus: Stone Arch Bridge

Maryjane Glynn, VP of Communications

Maryjane GlynnYear in School: Senior
Major(s): Marketing
Minor(s): Supply Chain and Operations
Favorite Place on Campus: Jamba Juice in Coffman Memorial Union

Thomas Seeba, VP of Finance

Thomas SeebaYear in School: Junior
Major(s): Management Information Systems and Finance
Minor(s): Accounting
Favorite Place on Campus: Nils Hasselmo - great study spot with a view

Leslie Grueber, Senior Class Representative

Leslie GrueberYear in School: Senior
Major(s): Management Information Systems and Finance
Favorite Place on Campus: The Northrop patio

Matt Stetler, Junior Class Representative

Matt StetlerYear in School: Junior
Major(s): Accounting, Management Information Systems and Finance
Favorite Place on Campus: Mariucci Arena

Nick Helgeson, Sophomore Class Representative

Nick HelgesonYear in School: Sophomore
Major(s):Accounting and Finance
Favorite Place on Campus: Rarig

Hunter Nierman, Student Senator

Hunter NiermanYear in School: Sophomore
Major(s): Marketing and Psychology
Favorite Place on Campus: East River Flats Park

Valkyrie Jensen, Student Senator

Year in School: Sophomore
Major(s): Public and Nonprofit Management
Favorite Place on Campus: The tables outside Humphrey



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Applications are due at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

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