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ACCT 2050 Introduction to Financial Reporting
ACCT 3001 Introduction to Management Accounting
ACCT 3150 Role of the Accountant in Today's Finance Function
ACCT 3201 Intermediate Management Accounting
ACCT 5101 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 5102W Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 5125 Auditing Principles and Procedures
ACCT 5126 Internal Auditing
ACCT 5135 Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax
ACCT 5160 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT 5180 Consolidations and Advanced Reporting
ACCT 5236 Introduction to Taxation of Business
ACCT 5310 International Accounting
ACCT 8006 Advanced Audit
ACCT 8831 Theory of Contracts I: Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection
BA 3000 Career Skills
BA 4501 Carlson Funds Enterprise: Growth
BA 4502 Carlson Funds Enterprise: Fixed Income
BA 4503 Carlson Ventures Enterprise
BA 4504 Carlson Consulting Enterprise
BA 4505 Brand Enterprise
BA 4990H Honors Thesis Seminar I
BA 4991H Honors Thesis Seminar II
FINA 3001 Finance Fundamentals
FINA 4121 Financial Markets and Interest Rates
FINA 4122 Banking Institutions
FINA 4221 Principles of Corporate Finance
FINA 4242W Corporate Investment Decisions
FINA 4321 Portfolio Management and Performance Evaluation
FINA 4325 Behavioral Finance
FINA 4329 Security Analysis Capstone
FINA 4422 Financial Modeling
FINA 4522 Options & Derivatives I
FINA 4529 Derivatives II Capstone
FINA 4621 The Global Economy (Macro)
FINA 4622 International Finance
FINA 6121 Debt Markets, Interest Rates, and Hedging
FINA 6222 Mergers and Acquisitions
FINA 6241 Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions
FINA 6242 Advanced Corporate Finance Analysis and Decisions
FINA 6322 Financial Modeling
FINA 6324 Securitization Markets
FINA 6325 Behavioral Finance
FINA 6341 World Economy
FINA 6529 Advanced Topics in Fixed Income and Derivatives
FINA 6621 International Financial Management
HRIR 3021 Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
HRIR 3031 Staffing and Selection: Strategic and Operational Concerns
HRIR 3032 Training and Development
HRIR 3071 Union Organizing and Labor Relations
HRIR 3072 Collective Bargaining and Dispute Resolution
HRIR 4100W HRIR Capstone: Personal and Organizational Leadership
HRIR 5022 Managing Diversity
HRIR 5023 Employment and Labor Law for the HRIR Professional
HRIR 5061 Public Policies on Work and Pay
HRIR 5062 Personnel Economics
HRIR 6025 Leadership and Personal Development
HRIR 8000 Graduate Topics in Human Resources and Industrial Relations
HRIR 8011 Using Data and Metrics in Human Resources and Industrial Relations
HRIR 8014 Human Resource Information Systems
HRIR 8023 International Human Resource Management
HRIR 8034 Employee Development: Creating a Competitive Advantage
HRIR 8044 Motivation and Work Behavior in Contemporary Organizations
HRIR 8051 Compensation and Benefits
HRIR 8053 Employer-Sponsored Employee Benefit Programs
HRIR 8071 Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
HRIR 8141 Organizational Theory Foundations of High-Impact HRIR
HRIR 8241 Organizational Behavior Foundations of High-Impact HRIR
IBUS 3010 Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship in China
IBUS 3021 Human Resources Management in Australia
IBUS 3033W Business Communication in India
IBUS 3080 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Costa Rica
IBUS 4082W Brand Management
IDSC 3001 Information Systems for Business Processes and Management
IDSC 3101 Introduction to Programming
IDSC 3102 Intermediate Programming
IDSC 3103 Data Modeling and Databases
IDSC 3104 Enterprise Systems
IDSC 3202 Analysis and Modeling for Business Systems Development
IDSC 4204W Information Services Management
IDSC 4301 Information Systems Capstone Course: A Live Case
IDSC 4401 Information Security
IDSC 4421 Financial Information Systems and Technologies
IDSC 4431 Advanced Database Design
IDSC 4444 Business Analytics
IDSC 4490 Information Systems Special Topics
IDSC 6040 Information Technology Management
IDSC 6050 Information Technologies and Solutions
IDSC 6423 Enterprise Systems
IDSC 6444 Business Intelligence
IDSC 6446 Advanced Business Intelligence
IDSC 6465 Global Sourcing of IT and IT Enabled Services
IDSC 8003 Accounting and Information Systems
IDSC 8721 Behavioral Decision Theory
MGMT 1001 Contemporary Management
MGMT 1001H Honors: Contemporary Management
MGMT 1005 Corporate Responsibility and Ethics
MGMT 3001 Fundamentals of Management
MGMT 3004 Business Strategy
MGMT 3010 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MGMT 3033W Business Communication
MGMT 3040 Understanding the International Environment of Firms: International Business
MGMT 3602 Topics: Environmental Regulations
MGMT 3900 International Business Communication
MGMT 4000 Issues in Nonprofit Management
MGMT 4008 Entrepreneurial Management
MGMT 4050 Management of Innovation and Change
MGMT 4100 Topics in Management
MGMT 4170W New Business Feasibility and Planning
MGMT 4172 Entrepreneurship in Action II
MGMT 4500 Senior Seminar in International Business
MGMT 6004 Negotiation Strategies
MGMT 6031 Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategy
MGMT 6032 Strategic Alliances
MGMT 6033 Managing the Strategy Process
MGMT 6034 Strategic Leadership
MGMT 6035 Complex and Cross-Cultural Negotiations
MGMT 6040 International Strategy and Organization
MGMT 6050 Management of Innovation and Change
MGMT 6084 Management of Groups
MGMT 6085 Corporate Strategy
MGMT 6100 Topics in Management
MGMT 6305 The International Environment of Business
MGMT 6402 Integrative Leadership: From Theory to Practice
MGMT 8101 Theory Building and Research Design
MGMT 8405 Topics in Strategy II
MKTG 3001 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 3010 Marketing Research
MKTG 3040 Buyer Behavior
MKTG 4030 Sales Management
MKTG 4050 Integrated Marketing Communications
MKTG 4060 Marketing Channels
MKTG 4080W Marketing Strategy
MKTG 4082W Brand Management
MKTG 4092H Globalization, Culture, and Brands
MKTG 6051 Marketing Research
MKTG 6055 Buyer Behavior
MKTG 6073 Technology Marketing
MKTG 6075 Pricing Strategy
MKTG 6082 Brand Management
MKTG 6088 Strategic Marketing
SCO 2550 Business Statistics: Data Sources, Presentation, and Analysis
SCO 3001 Introduction to Operations Management
SCO 3045 Sourcing and Supply Management
SCO 3056 Supply Chain Planning and Control
SCO 3059 Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma
SCO 3072 Managing Technologies in the Supply Chain
SCO 4065W Supply Chain and Operations Strategy
SCO 6041 Project Management
SCO 6056 Managing Supply Chain Operations
SCO 6072 Managing Technologies in the Supply Chain
SCO 6850 Topics in Operations and Management Science
SCO 8735 Supply Chain Management
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