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Majors and Minors

The Carlson School's undergraduate program offers an intensive course of study that leads to the Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) degree. Students may choose from among 10 majors and 9 minors.

Students who enter the program in Fall 2008 or later will be held to the requirements outlined below. Students who entered the school prior to 2008 should consult with their adviser on degree requirements.

First Year Coursework

  • ECON 1101 Principles of Microeconomics* (4 credits)
  • ECON 1102 Principles of Macroeconomics* (4 credits)
  • MATH 1142 Short Calculus* or MATH 1271, Calculus I* (4 credits)
  • MGMT 1001 Contemporary Management* (3 credits)
  • MGMT 1005 Corporate Responsibility & Ethics* (3 credits) - new for students entering Fall 2013 or later
  • WRIT 1301 or 1401 Freshman Writingt* (4 credits)
  • PSY 1001 Introduction to Psychology (4 credits)
  • Liberal Education Requirements

Students who enter the program as a Junior transfer student will take MGMT 3001 instead of MGMT 1001.

Students must complete all designated courses (*) with a C- or better.


Second Year Coursework

Fall semester

  • SCO 2550 Business Statistics: Data Sources, Presentation, and Analysis* (4 credits)
  • ACCT 2050 Introduction to Financial Accounting* (4 credits)
  • BA 3000 Career Skills (1 credit)
  • Liberal Education Requirements

Spring semester

  • Immersion Core
    • MKTG 3001 Principles of Marketing* (3 credits)
    • FINA 3001 Finance Fundamentals* (3 credits)
    • SCO 3001 Introduction to Operations Management* (3 credits)
    • MGMT 3004 Business Strategy* (3 credits)
  • One additional course of student's choice

Students must complete all designated courses (*) with a C- or better.


Additional Core Requirements

Additional key business coursework will be taken throughout your undergraduate degree, including:

  • MGMT 3033W Business Communication* (3 credits)
  • HRIR 3021 Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations* (3 credits)
  • ACCT 3001 Introduction to Management Accounting* (3 credits)
  • IDSC 3001 Information Systems for Business Processes and Management* (3 credits) (students planning to major in MIS should complete this class during their sophomore year

Students will declare a major during their sophomore year.


Majors and Minors

Choose from 10 majors and 9 minors:


Liberal Education Reqirements

All students earning a degree at the University of Minnesota must complete Liberal Education Requirements.


International Experience

All students will complete their international experience as part of the program requirements. Short term programs or semester length programs may be used to meet this requirement. Students will participate in International Experience (IE) 101 early in their program to begin planning for studying abroad.


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Progress Standards

In order to stay on track toward timely graduation, all students in the Carlson School are expected to meet the following progress standards by the end of their freshmen and sophomore years.

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