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Emerging Leadership Program

At the Carlson School, we believe that in addition to achieving academic excellence, students should provide leadership and get involved in activities outside the classroom. The Emerging Leadership Program (ELP) encourages high achieving students to engage in extracurricular activities that foster intellectual and personal growth. Activities promote the development of the characteristics associated with productive, ethical, and successful leaders.


To earn the Emerging Leadership designation, students must complete all program requirements.

  • Write a letter of intent, addressed to the Undergraduate Program Office, that introduces you to the presentation committee and explains what you hope to gain from this experience. Typically this is done in your freshman year.

  • Complete a minimum of 15 hours of activity in each of the 4 categories: leadership, community service, diversity, and career development.

  • Complete an additional 10 hours of activity in 1 of the above categories.

  • Document your hours and provide contact information for people and places.

  • Attend an ELP Preparation Workshop.

  • Present what you have learned while completing the program.


Documentation of Activity

As soon as you begin participating in the program, start documenting your activities and time commitments. You can create the documentation materials on your own, but be sure to include the dates, times, and locations of your experiences, along with contact information for your coworkers.


ELP Preparation Workshops

Students must attend a preparation workshop before their presentation. Workshops are offered three times during the year. Emails will be sent out detailing the dates and times of the workshops.


Presentation Packet

The presentation packet includes your letter of intent, documentation of your activities, and an outline of your presentation. The outline should include everything you wish to cover during your presentation. These materials should be word processed and professional.



You will deliver your presentation to a committee of 3-5 corporate partners and alumni, staff, and fellow peers. Plan to spend 5 minutes on each area of your activity and allow 10 minutes for questions and answers. Total presentation time should not exceed 30 minutes. Business professional dress is required.


The Emerging Leadership Program is a professional experience. We encourage presenters to be creative, but remind them to keep the presentation professional. The materials you turn in, your choice of presentation format, and your communication with the committee should be appropriate for a business environment. Examples of presentations and materials are located in the Undergraduate Program Office.

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