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Ventures Enterprise Student Diana Flotten in classroomThe Carlson Ventures Enterprise (CVE) is designed for anyone who believes that the most intriguing part of business is creating, developing, and sustaining new ideas. Whatever form those ideas take, your entrepreneurial skills will be honed and nourished by your experience in the Ventures Enterprise.

Your student-managed projects are what you'll experience if you were to champion an idea in the real world—because it will be the real world. You'll learn how to solve business problems and evaluate opportunities. Then you'll present recommendations to clients that can provide a return on investment.

  • Get direct access to an experienced team of academic and industry advisors who will force you to defend your ideas and help you build on them
  • Be exposed to every facet of business to help you develop the critical thinking skills you'll need to manage or create a business
  • Join an exceptional team that will use every skill to create exceptional new business ventures
  • Understand how to recognize whether an opportunity is real
  • Know whether the idea is strong enough to be a winner in the marketplace
  • Gain confidence in knowing when a business idea is truly worth pursuing

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